Apo Island Pictures

Apo Island Day Trip Pictures

Here is a collection of pictures from our day trip to Apo Island, we did not bring an underwater camera, so the only shot of under water of the clown fish taken in Clown Fish City in Apo Island Marine Reserve is taken with a regular dive bag, so the quality is not that good.

I will add more er pictures from Apo Island on my next trip as I just invested in a new Olympus mju 720SW - which is supposed to be shock and waterproof up to 3 meters. My last mju 720SW died on a snorkeling trip in Siquijor so I am not sure it really works.

Registration Office
Visitor Registration Office.


Fees and Charges
The various fees and charges
Apo Island Fees and Rules
Fee and charges sign.
Stone Beach
Stone beach.
Beach on Apo Island
Banca on the stone beach.
Clear Water
This water is just so clear.
Beach View
Clear and calm water.

Clear and beautiful water
You can see the bottom under the banca.


Vendors waiting to annoy the crap out of a new batch of tourists arriving.
Walking to the Marine Sanctuary
Walking to the Marine Sanctuary.

Cooking native style.


Sari Sari Store
Rea Sari Sari store on the way to the marine sanctuary.

Walking around
The "roads" are good.

Fighting Cocks
Fighting cocks are popular all over the country even here.

Barangay Hall
Barangay hall with list of officials.


Billard Hall
The local beer house and billiard hall.

Happy Kids
Happy kid on Apo.


Fightning Cock Cage
Fighting cock cage.
Comunal Shower
The cumunal shower.
Souvenir Shop
The souvenir shop.
Globe Autoload
You can buy load everywhere for your phone too.
Walking Again
Walking to the Marine Sanctuary.

Far From Home
These signs show you directions and distances to a lot of places world wide.


Lazy Island Life
Lazy Island Life.
Hello Goat.
Path to Marine Sanctuary
Almost at the Sanctuary.

Apo Island Marine Sanctuary
Apo Island Marine Sanctuary.


Marine Sanctuary
This is the end of the sanctuary we spent the most time in.

Kids Fishing
Looks like these kids are getting ready to go fishing.


Beautiful Rocks
Rocklike cement beach.
Marine Sanctuary Sign
Marine sanctuary sign.
Protected Seascape
More signs about the Protected Seascape.
Beautiful view.
Beautiful Apo
Looks like the sun is setting.

Kids Snorkeling
Kids Snorkeling too.


Marine Sanctuary Clown Fish
Clown Fish City.
Old Lighthouse
The old lighthouse.

Apo Lighthouse
The old lighthouse.

New Lighthouse
This is the new lighthouse.


View from the Lighthouse
View from the lighthouse.
The Mountain
Nice tree.

Cell Tower
Cell phone tower, I dont know if it is Smart or Globe.


Some people actually live on the top of this mountain.

New Lighthouse
The new Lighthouse.

Another view of the new lighthouse.


Heading back down the mountain.
View from Apo Island
View from the mountain.
Nice View
Nice View.

Going Down the Mountain
Almost back down.


View Apo
yeah the sun is setting.
View of Apo Beach.
Rock Formation
Just gotta love that rock.
Another Banca
Our banca is far out.

The Beach
Nipa hut by Apo Island Beach Resort.


Apo Island Beach Resort
Apo Island Beach Resort.
View of Apo Island Beach Resort

Swimming Area
The snorkeling / swimming area by the resort.


View From Resort
Overview of Apo Beach.
Resort Area
The Resort.
The duplex house.
I can imagine myself resting here.

Room at Apo Island Beach Resort
Room in Apo Island Beach Resort.


As you can see Apo Island has a lot of good pictures just waiting to be taken, so make sure you bring a camera when you go there, it is also a good idea to bring an underwater camera for snorkeling in Apo Island Marine Sanctuary and the Protected Seascape - the visibility under water there when we went was incredible.

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