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Thread: What are the best places to visit in Bohol within a period of 2 days?

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    Default What are the best places to visit in Bohol within a period of 2 days?

    my family and I plan to visit Bohol island this november. we will arrive on November 5 but unfortunately our flight to Manila is scheduled on November 7 at 11 am. there really is very limited time and i would like to "experience" Bohol as much as i can. incidentally, this is my first time to visit the island.

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    well, that is indeed not a lot of time. depending on your time of arrival, you can spend the first afternoon / evening at Alona, maybe get a snorkel trip in with a nice beach BBQ in the evening.

    For the 6th, just rent a van with driver. make a list what you wanna see.
    there is tons of stuff you can visit on the way to the chocolate hills and back.

    Tarsier Sanctuary
    Loboc River cruise
    Butterly Farm
    coconut King at the hanging bridge
    Bee Farm (good food at the restaurant)
    you can have a nice 8 hour trip from one tourist attraction to the next. some more info: Bohol Sightseeing - Encounter Nature and Antiquity

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    Default bohol

    Pangalo Island and Danao are great places to experience Bohol.. However, if it's your first time in Bohol, you should see chocolate hills and tarsiers.

    I suggest you take a road trip (start early!) on the first day, and visit many of the ff:
    * Loboc River cruise and lunch by the river
    * hanging bridge/coconut king
    * Sagbayan peak (tarsiers,view of chocolate hills, butterfly sanctuary)
    * Chocolate Hills in Carmen (view of chocolate hills.. but I'd choose Sagbayan peak if there's not enough time)
    * Pass by the man made forest - we stopped over and took pictures on the road!
    * Daks and Gams Mini zoo and that house/mini zoo one with the largest python in captivity.. i forgot the name
    * Mag-Aso falls

    On the second day, maybe go to Panglao (white sand beach and Hinagdanan Cave)... or if you're up for more thrill, go to Danao for Zipline or Bungee jumping adventure. 200m zipline is P350 when we visited last year and it was fun, you'll enjoy the view! Bungee was P750.. they also had cable cars..


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    don't forget watching amazing torsiers!



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