Greetings all, I've got a very nice, 2-door Whirlpool refrigerator that I'm wanting to sell.

It's a 15 cubic foot with a stainless steel door. It was in operation and worked flawlessly for a little under 3 years.

The only problem with it is the bottom, big-door hinge has wallowed out due to keeping too much weight in the door. But otherwise I believe it's a fine unit with many years of trouble-free service left in it.

I've priced em' nowadays and they run up around 30,000p. I've got some use out of it so I'm willing to sell it for 15,000 and I'll get the lower door hinge repaired.

If you'd like to repair the door hinge yourself and save some more money, I'll sell it for 13,000p

Please just send me a PM if interested.

15 cubic foot, Stainless Steel Whirlpool Refrigerator...-whirlpool1tk9bb6db1cq1.jpg