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Thread: land titles, scams, any other problems buying land.

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    Default land titles, scams, any other problems buying land.

    Firstly before I get into some of the problems encountered in buying land here, I need help if anyone knows a fellow named Mark that drives a white rusi motorcycle... My neighbor near a lot we bought in sac sac Bacong told us this guy was interested in buying our lot, But we are not selling it. He told the neighbor there about 2 weeks ago that he was buying it and was filming the location and told them he will be their new neighbor. Its been off the market for some time now and the previous owner knows nothing about any sale. We have the title. Maybe scam from someone holding a copy of the old title. because any dealer would have went to the previous owner with a customer. Hope someone knows this guy so he dont give a down payment to a scammer with promises of lost title recovery or what other excuse they could come up with. Would hope Mark is a DI member and contact me so I can find out who this seller is.

    Will post some other problems to land deals later but this was a little urgent.

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    it's funny you mention that I am in the process of building a house so I am at my property everyday. there was a guy in a white car either filming or taking pictures of the properties including mine last week. I am just over the Dumaguete line in bacong and the sale of my property was flawless with no problems. there are still lots for sale next to mine.



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