Be careful if you buy a Sharp LCD tv and subscribe to Fil Products.

I bought the 32" model and have problems with the audio constantly dropping completely off for several seconds 1 or 2 times per minute on any channel above 35.

I have had Fil Products come 2 times to check the signal and test it on another tv. Their signal shows strong on their tester and I know of several other LCD and LED tv's that work fine on their cable.

I then had the sharp service center team check, they saw the problem and took it to their shop for 4 days and could not find any problem using Sky Cable.

So Fil Products say it's a problem with the tv and Sharp says it's the cable.
I have to think it is the TV that doesn't like the signal from Fil Products because any other tv works fine.
Also they don't offer digital cable in my area as of now.