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    Default Hello to everyone

    My name is Todd Weller and I expect to be moving to Cebu with my filipina wife in probably 4-5 years. Retired Navy and will be retired civil service in 4 more years. I was stationed in Subic (Cubi Point AIMD) from 1988 to 1992 and I've been in love with P.I. ever since, though Pinatubo wasn't a whole lotta laughs. My wife Lourdes and I have been married for over 20 years and are looking forward to moving back to her home in Cebu, though we have no intention of living near Cebu City. Dumaguete looks like a nice place and we’re trying to consider all of our options in/around Bohol/Negros/Cebu. We intend to rent for awhile and explore our options, though I doubt my wife will want to settle anywhere other than Cebu, and understandably so.
    I appreciate this website and look forward to getting to know you and maybe someday meeting some of you.
    Talk to ya later,

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    Hi Todd, it looks like everybody else has overlooked you till now, regardless of the bad behaviour of the other members, I welcome you, I suppose you have been visiting this forum for quite a while so you know how to do some search on things you may want to know...
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    Hi Todd and welcome aboard. There are quite a lot of former and retired service members on the Forum from a variety of countries, so you should find some common ground. Your time in Subic in '88 was a different ball-park from the Subic of today. Hope all goes well with your plans to move to the PI in a few years time. Your wife has an understandable bias towards Cebu, but it's worth thinking about that a number of expats have left Cebu over the past year or so and drifted Negros way. Lots of nice places on Cebu island, but Cebu city is fast becoming a clone of Manila. I'm sure you'll find the answers to most questions from a lot of helpful people on here.
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    Hello Todd and welcome to the DI forum. Dumaguete is a good place to retire in my opinion. We enjoy it here. There are just enough restaurants and grocery stores to make your life comfortable. Good luck with your retirement.



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