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Thread: Job offer Scam

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    Default Job offer Scam

    Last June, I've got a very enthusiastic e-mail from my nephew informing me that his job application for a position as a Nurse in London, UK, was being processed. I immediately smelt a rat as all visa applications for jobs of this kind have been stopped and asked him to forward the application to me. It was for a position as a nurse in a 5* Hotel.
    Now.....since when a hotel needs a full time nurse?
    The salary offer, accommodation, travel arrangement.....all seemed too good to be true.
    They were some clues in the job offer....spelling errors, syntax errors and use of slang terms such as Boss instead of Head Department or Manager, you know what I mean...
    Made a couple of phone calls to the "real Hotel" dialing the phone number as from the London Phone Directory and to the number indicated in the application....both confirmed my suspect.
    There was never a position for a nurse and the person claiming to be the Hotel's Human Resources Manager, a certain Mr. Phil Williams, was totally unknown.
    This was, a believe, a web generated " job seekers agency" and a total CON!!
    BEWARE OF WEB AGENCIES, one just does not know who is at the receiving end, smarten up!

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    A girl working the front desk at Bethel went to London a few months ago. She had gone to nursing school here.

    Hope she wasn't scammed!
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    Job scams one of the reasons I never get involved with looking for work....
    But lots of other reasons too



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