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Thread: MNL - Dgte thru NAIA experience

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    Default MNL - Dgte thru NAIA experience

    As we went thru the various check in procedures, a woman in airport uniform had us go to the right just before we would have gotten to where you pay the terminal fee.

    Passing between a row of empty booths situated before the terminal fee booths, the remainder of the distance to terminal fee booths was roped off making it impossible to veer left and get in line to pay. So we just continued through along the right.

    Later on at the gate, the worker asked where my smaller receipt was that supposed to be attached to the boarding pass. I said that was all I had.

    She looked up my ticket info on her computer, made a note on her hand, then let me pass. Was that smaller paper I was supposed to have the terminal fee receipt?

    Do they have people bypass that now and then for some reason? I can't see them missing out on p200 x 2 pax
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    Since August 1, the terminal fee is included in the ticket, so collected by the airline at the time of booking and this for flights out of NAIA.
    There is a transition period where passengers who bought there ticket before August 1 still can pay the terminal fee at the airport.
    In time, the terminal fee for all airports in the Philippines will be collected by the airline.
    So far the theory, in reality things might be a little more complicated, it's more fun in the Philippines you know.



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