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About Charlie T.
You'll see as time goes on.
I am a maverick, a non-conformist, a rebel, a mal-content, I am one of a kind, I am an individual. I am the wind.
Quantum physics fasinates me. As do Yo-Yo's , exercise, our dog, annoying my U.S. politicians. I am a republican conservative, so if you are a liberal please explain the thought process to me that brought you to your current views. I am for the draft in the U.S., men , women, no 4F, no college deferment, no conscientious objectors, they can work in the veterans hospitals. Everyone will serve their time for their country. No welfare train, work or starve. I don't care. Your choice, I can walk right by your dying stinking soon to be corpse and eat a greasy pork chop at the same time. Suck it up.
If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
Life is a disease we catch, it has killed many of my friends, we can fight it or flow with it, it will win, it's just a matter of when.
We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing.
Airlines, buses, jeepneys, pedicabs, boats, should charge by the pound. Why should I pay the same price as someone twice my weight ? Weight equals fuel consumption period, plus fat people crowd me. fact: You are what you eat.
If you are looking for that PC crap you have the wrong channel.
Don't tell me what to do and I won't tell you what to do.
Get involved, don't sit on your rear end and wait for someone else to make the call, do the fighting, and or rescue work, write the letters to your politicians , vote, do something except sit with your hand out and your mouth hanging open like you are waiting to be spoon fed. Stand up and be counted and quit your whining and sniveling poor me garbage ! Make the best of what you have. So called rich people do not impress me. They die and rot just like anyone else. Have a fantastic day. Smile.
There, that's a start.


Assume nothing. Question everything.


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