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  1. I do not know if you had anything to do with events.....but for awhile Rhoody has backed off..... stopped bullying me and others .... been almost nice.... But now there is a new tactic..... Seems there are two sets of rules.... one set of rules for him and one set for everyone else.... He can make what ever snide remark .....character assassination.... he wants ....but if you dare to respond or defend yourself he does not post your reply.....

    EXAMPLE I posted my pleasure in a meal I had at a local restaurant by using a colloquialism from America (" I did everything except lick the plate).... He attacked me and implied I was disgusting....YET a thread later he alluded to the fact he has his wife clean his false teeth..... any attempt to respond was obliterated.....
    When reminded him he was off topic .....he blatantly and autocratically state that if I wanted fair rules I should start my own board.... I thought he was a moderator not a dictator
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    FOURTH He has been your Mod and personal friend for many years. The job of Mod is thankless and requires a lot of time and work; admittedly Rhoody probably does a good job but sometimes he allows his temper and personal bias cause him to bully some members
    FINALLY I do not expect or even want for you to intercede / do not want you to chastise Rhoody in anyway. To make the forum the best it can be /to improve the site and make it user friendly. I ask you to monitor Rhoodys actions a little closer- get him to curb his bullying and abuse- keep him from intimidating and running off members; As for me, I will miss the forum and I will miss contributing when possible and as absurd as it sounds, I will miss Rhoody. When he is not being a bully; he is a nice guy
  3. FIRST I think you have a fine forum here. It helps people/informs them/it educates them. It is the best I have seen in many years.
    SECOND I am not writing for anything for myself;more for the good of the forum. hoping you can make it even better
    THIRD I am about to have my membership cancelled by Rhoody and his small circle of friends & in a way I may even deserve it. I started off crossing swords with Rhoody( the details are not important )I later tried to be "friends"- not possible-so then I decided I would not tolerate abuse even if it meant not being a member. I hate "bullies" Rhoody has used his position to abuse / bully people. I even know an old grandmother with a disabled husband he got thrown off the forum (I am sure he can justify everything).but I am not going to kiss his butt and as a consequence I will eventually be cancelled
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    Hi, I'm really sorry for my outbursts, I was never looking for a fight & I accept that on a family oriented site, my post was not acceptable. However, the actions & especially the words used by your moderator Rhoody are excessive and inflammatory. Not what most would expect from a person in authority. I will not post again until I hear from you and I have asked in my last post on the Communism in Dumaguete thread that you have the last word and then please close the thread. I'll stand by.
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    just wanted some help and though you might be able to. if your not too busy that is. i put up a post here. i havent gotten a reply and if your certified mabe you can help. thanks a bunch... Hajra
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    I'd rather do this as a PM but can't find that option, so here goes.

    I'm complaining about Rhoody, YOUR im-moderator. He deleted a post of mine for no reason which I could fathom about a month ago. When I called him on it, he launched into a confusing tirade which I still do NOT comprehend. I said nice things about a meal at a restaurant which I had enjoyed.

    I understand that you are unlikely to over rule his behaviour. I don't expect you to.

    I have NOT posted since and probably won't again. If the technology permits it, just give me back my message and I'll be gone.

    Was it too many strong coffees, sips of strong beer or one deep dive too many? I do not know. His behaviour is unfortunately reminiscent of his National Socialist fore bearers. I trust that you are somewhat more enlightened.

    This BB needs friends and supporters - not enemies. Rhoody seems intent on making one of me. My motto is "Don't get mad - get even". Your choice, I'm afraid.

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    Please do Dumaguete Info right by deleting this thread.
    I'm thinking that it will give the Filipinos the wrong views of what most of the expats in the Philippines are really like. I think if you read the entire thread you will understand why I am asking you to delete this trash. There is still a language thing that will help them miss interpret most of the "tung in cheek" post. My wife has been in the US for more than 21 years and spoke excellent english before we married. And she still ask for clarification from time to time.

    Just my 2
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