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  1. Lost Rob rewards points card
  2. Philippine Lawmakers endorse medical marijuana....
  3. superbowl
  4. Fast Foods
  5. Physical, Dentist, Lab, Vaccinations
  6. Some l Art by a local foreigner, some could say the recognize themselves lol
  7. If you want to get dizzy, you don't need "Pot"
  8. Share Dealing..
  9. A flower for you guys.....
  10. Gardening: hedge starts anyone?
  11. the timbao - valencia rd?
  12. fed-ex in dumaguete
  13. Stroke - Lessons Learnrd
  14. Likes, boos, and forum reputation
  15. Agaton won't go away.. more blackouts? ;)
  16. in praise of Jollibee
  17. Trikes are hard....
  18. Super Bowl Feb 2.
  19. you tube link
  20. Intro and query
  21. Stop the wind!!!
  22. gardening: looking for flowering vines
  23. Dumaguete; what a Wonderful City!
  24. New giant 3D printer...
  25. Taxi driver jailed for returning lost cell phone
  26. Sssshh...Mouse has the floor!
  27. yearly icr card renewal
  28. Return bonuses, govít execs told
  29. DI rated uno numero ( Well by me at least)
  30. Gus and theďEnd of SuburbiaĒ...
  31. Something for the "Googler's"...
  32. Visqueen
  33. Coin Collectors
  34. Looking for feedback on classified rates
  35. First and certainly not the last posting
  36. Hello
  37. Well, the cat's out of the bag...
  38. Playstation 1 and 2 repairer wanted and chip mod.
  39. Immigration Refund !!! (Having a Laugh of Course!)
  40. Ham radio/Amateur radio operators in Dumaguete
  41. Nintendo 3ds dead battery
  42. forum anouncement, please read
  43. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
  44. Art for the home
  45. Happy New Year!!
  46. censorship here??? post removed by who????
  47. Understanding, a Filipino Teenager??
  48. Very useful piece of software
  49. UPS uninterrupted power supply / deep cycle / solar batteries
  50. parmesan on a paper plate?
  51. Any beeswax in DGte?
  52. Waterbed
  53. howdy! merry christmas!
  54. How about renewing Philliphine passport??? From Dumaquete area
  55. Hiab truck rental
  56. Family Lawyer (Legal Separation)
  57. Rip off Ford.
  58. been gone for awhile
  59. Passport for Filipina
  60. Wanted ecu for my toyota
  61. Do you love to grow vegetables and to share your knowledge?
  62. Taking motorbike on a ferry
  63. Lost ACR card! Seeking advice before I go to immigration office.
  64. Unlocking US T-Mobile phone?
  65. Hello and introduction from new member John
  66. 200 customized mufflers destroyed in Kidawan City..
  67. Met a guy from La Libertad a few days at McD-member here?
  68. Anyone had enough, of the carol singers yet.
  69. Christmas in dumaguete
  70. China Surprise Find
  71. Typhoon victims
  72. PUBLIC LIABILITY??? Health and Safety
  73. seems 24th Feb 2014 is a Cebu Holiday?? would Immigration be closed???
  74. Nostalgia!
  75. Nelson Mandela
  76. Beautiful Greedy World
  77. My 16 month visa is due again Feb 2014, thinking about Malaysia as a destination
  78. Underwater Rooms ?
  79. Electric Jack Hammer
  80. How to get small boxes here quickly?
  81. Security Cameras
  82. whats up dumaguete???
  83. China Launches Moon Rover Mission
  84. Bio Technologie
  85. House or apartment for rent help.
  86. Good place to order cooked lechon pig?
  87. Fast and Furious star Paul Walker dies in fiery crash
  88. George Arnaiz's son dead in Pomplona?
  89. Remove a post
  90. Mobile Signals.. 2G 3G 4G Checker..
  91. Must be tough running a gas station on a rainy day
  92. Rain Water Collection system
  93. Complaining does work from a foreigner, why donít the locals do their part ????
  94. Pope slams capitalism as 'new tyranny'
  95. What's that black pyramid shaped thing on the East side of Hibbard Ave?
  96. Evacuee finder...
  97. Solar powered lights/gadgets
  98. US sends Battleship to Philippines while China sends Peace Ark
  99. suzuki van F6A turbo
  100. Renew Permanent resident card
  101. Escape from bohol
  102. Affordable car hire
  103. Macdonalds??
  104. Cell phone frequencies in PH
  105. Skycable Digibox Bobo Brigade
  106. How many members ride Big Bikes?
  107. Food for thought with to large a Footprint...
  108. Diabetes and living in the Philippines...
  109. Plaster of Paris avail in Dgte?
  110. Damage to your Philippines..
  111. Food for thought with a British flavour...
  112. Veterans Day 11-11-13
  113. Tacloban
  114. Armistice Day
  115. Simper Fi Guys
  116. Hiatal Hernia operation
  117. Peso to Euro or Dollar exchange
  118. gold coin
  119. Lawyers Immigration Dumaguete
  120. Philippines most dangerous land?
  121. Boxer Puppy...
  122. Need to send a Fax
  123. What should you do? Nightmare tenant.
  124. Caring for relatives.....
  125. Foreigner seen at Valencia Rd LTO checkpoint yesterday
  126. Type O negative blood needed
  127. Best tape to wrap/fix leaking roadway water lines?
  128. Couldn't buy root beer on election day...
  129. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)
  130. You realise your getting old when......
  131. Weddings and Fees?
  132. Been screwed over? Me too .. what to do
  133. Aussie Aussie Aussie
  134. expanded metal?
  135. Choker stone?
  136. Leaning Tower Of Plaza
  137. Bamboo telegraph racially biased?
  139. Free Expression and the Internet
  140. any dog catcher here
  141. DI forum time???
  142. forum log in problems???
  143. sending USD to Manila?
  144. Advice needed please, western union pick up in dumaguete?
  145. Introduction
  146. To aussie members
  147. Introduction
  148. Any shops renting prom dresses in town?
  149. expat in hit n run
  150. Tapatalk Compatability
  151. prcess to have us citizen "black listed" to stop entry into ph
  152. Internet Speeds
  153. Balikabayan box
  154. Bayawan has worst flooding in history
  155. Foot long hot dogs f/s in Valencia?
  156. Vegemites or betroot anyone?
  157. concert/show geared for expats
  158. Any of these blighters in the PI..
  159. Hello - I am Matthy
  160. Starting to make plans...
  162. mower parts. weed eater parts.
  163. Removing plastic corks...?
  164. Flooring ideas!
  165. Security Issues
  166. Obamacare
  167. Customer service is not dead after all !
  168. Trickle charger recommmendation? (and m/c battery)
  169. Is there any difference in the pricing of cars in different places of the country?
  170. Dishonest Hardheaded Jerk Landlord
  171. Bed bugs?!
  172. California Dreaming
  173. Looking for a motorbike .. again
  174. Expat cub on the rocks
  175. Isuzu engine parts
  176. Looking for a good Blood pressure Dr for a Friend.
  177. A sad watch
  178. how to Delete / Terminate Account
  179. I hate red tape with passion
  180. ACR card delayed, need your advice guys
  181. BI field offices can now accept visa petitions
  182. Hidden Costs Buying a Lot
  183. Globe - Intermittent Stoppages
  184. Dream Napoles
  185. I hate spiders
  186. Obasmacare and citizens living abroad
  187. Fox Extra
  188. Movie "The Endgame"
  189. Will the worlds most deadly shipping line finallly be shut down?
  190. Licking is Dangerous
  191. A personal thank you to Dumaguete Expats Club
  192. Have you noticed?
  193. electronic parts shop
  194. Where to buy coffee beans
  195. A sad story
  196. Hello Peoples
  197. outlook asking for code,
  198. If You Need to loose some weight and live longer.
  199. where to buy good old egg custard powder?
  200. David Frost
  201. Need Help Blood Donors A+
  202. NBI police clearance
  203. Were do the children go
  204. Roof top restaurant-where is it?
  205. Australians in Syria have been warned to leave the country immediately.
  206. Howdy folks!
  207. Canadian dollar bank account?
  208. Motorcycle accident in front of Black Pearl yesterday
  209. Brief Intro
  210. ATM info needed
  211. dont get sick in Dumaguete
  212. Foreigners who speak local dialects
  213. The most annoying song here on Phils
  214. A couple of Lhuillier Porsches in front of Bethel today
  215. Law and order in the land of the free
  216. Earth Overshoot Day
  217. Can a residence in Dgte be more than two stories tall?
  218. Hi all :)
  219. Dual citizenship & marrying in ph
  220. Kayak build
  221. last will and testament in da fils...
  222. Zest Air.
  223. Passenger ferry in collision with cargo vessel off Cebu port
  224. rice hull stove?
  225. Time left on lease
  226. ophthalmologist in dumaguete
  227. Diesel fuel philippines
  228. We know of the problem for 2500 years already...
  229. Which language to learn
  230. Are Philippine Kids Getting Smarter or are Chinese Kids Getting Dumber?
  231. Fishing trips
  232. For MARRIED members ONLY
  233. SSA outreach in Cebu Aug 27
  234. Trading currency
  235. My Loud Generator
  236. Road service in Dumaguete ?
  237. Dengue / Virus
  238. Reliable Travell Agent
  239. Long Term Stay
  240. A Murder in the Family
  241. Wooky's convenience store bacolod
  242. Do You Have What it Takes to be a Millionaire?
  243. Let's talk about ants...
  244. Is This The Most Embarrassing Interview Fox News Has Ever Done?
  245. P0wer intiruption
  246. Internet woe's.
  247. What we eat....
  248. Same as in Philippines......
  249. Vietnam / Malaysia / Philippines
  250. Your thoughts about layaway properties.