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  1. Health Precaution - Typhoid
  2. Some common reasons why people can't get US visas
  3. Newb here
  4. Why Its more fun in the Philippines? Bakit Pilipinas?
  5. Small self-propelled sugar cane harvester
  6. Baptism
  7. solar water heating
  8. Learning from foreigner friends
  9. alohagems from Hawaii to Dumaguete
  10. Telephone Canada
  11. Any lawn guys that don't use weed wacker?
  12. new here
  13. Hi, new guy here
  14. health insurance
  15. Travelling with a for 'registtration number plate'
  16. Looking For Motorola BR50 cell phone battery
  17. Frank Carson RIP
  18. Car GPS
  19. Schools
  20. Sportfishing Oriental Negros (SPOON) Relief Operation
  21. Home and property financing
  22. Living in Dumaguete
  23. PAL A.M. Flight Check In
  24. accounting magazines
  25. Brit Grub..
  26. Mark Britton Intro.
  27. Legal advice needed...
  28. motor bike mafia
  29. Happy Afternoon
  30. Bread dough..
  31. Hello there!
  32. Best electric guitar and amplifier?
  33. Which stores are selling Centrum Silver in bottles?
  34. Hello Everyone!
  35. Everybody in Negros should check this out.
  36. Storage and moving company
  37. Filipinas told "Don't scam foreigner husbands"
  38. NORECO is killing us
  39. I need a refrigerator repair person
  40. Are there any bus travelling going to Mabinay?
  41. How is Duma after the earthquake????
  42. PSP prices
  43. Super Bowl Today
  44. need information for K1-visa recipient plane ticket
  45. PAL Ripoff?
  46. Trust
  47. ATV'ing in Dumaguete area?
  48. Flying Manila/Dumaguete
  49. chappo , my introduction
  50. corned beef in duma?
  51. Coming to town soon
  52. New mechanic in town
  53. Back to Dumaguete
  54. Call center jobs vs Obama?
  55. Onward ticket needed at airport
  56. Australia Day.
  57. Super Bull: Globe 12 vs. Noreco 1
  58. Any info about Siliman University. General info and Writing courses
  59. box
  60. Lunar New Year
  61. Can you readthis?
  62. The history of the great and mysterious US bond scam/hoax.....
  63. How and why did you end up here in the Philippines
  64. tryicycle info
  65. Steal This Film (Full Documentary)
  66. Iv'e been put in Jail
  67. Varicose vein treatment....any place here in Dumaguete?
  68. Motorcycle rental?
  69. New Member: Don D
  70. football/volleyball anyone?
  71. Philippines Passport DFA Authentication Process
  72. Hello from a new member
  73. urgent...
  74. Pabrika Aquisition?
  75. A Stupid Incident at Cebu Pacific Dumaguete Branch
  76. Dhl forwarding from pi.
  77. Predictions for Brownouts in 2012
  78. I'm looking for compost made in either Bacong or Dauin (I think).
  79. We expats are a motely, often disgruntled bunch. What do you miss most from home?
  80. At last, a picture of him......
  81. First time to post
  82. Foreigners Head On Car Accident on South Hiway
  83. Yann Arthus-Bertrand: Home - A story of a journey
  84. WinXP Home Edition Install Disk - I need to borrow one.
  85. Happy New Year, DI friends!!
  86. New member
  87. Happy new year dumaguete
  88. Balikabayan box
  89. Need help on Canon camera.
  90. Need good Dentist recommendation
  91. Are there any really GOOD nursing homes in Dumaguete?
  92. New member
  93. arriving next month
  94. Marine killed in Philippines
  95. Hello everyone
  96. Philippine ingenutiy!!! very clever solution to a lighting issue
  97. Merry Christmas to ALL, and to ALL a Good Night!
  98. All I Want For Christmas Is You!
  99. Are flights out needed to get in?
  100. People wonder why I love my dogs so...
  101. chiropractor
  102. Philippines Building Handbook
  103. Best Christmas Lights?
  104. Beware of this fake agent/broker
  105. new
  106. Looking for multi-size hole saw for drill
  107. Blood type "b-" needed..
  108. Can't find anything to record tv shows on
  109. Hello! American couple new to town...hoping to make this our new home
  110. Tremors/quake
  111. Airless paint sprayers available in Dgte?
  112. need house to rent - moving to DI soon
  113. Car insurance - . Recommendation please
  114. A Step Towards Safer Motorcycle Riding
  115. Anyone going to the US soon?
  116. New here, looking to get a feeling for Dumaguete
  117. Anyone been a UAV Operator?
  118. EleCtric bug Zappers sold here?
  119. students needed
  120. Airbrush artist in Dgte?
  121. decent place to rent house in Dumaguete
  122. Basic website project
  123. A Cow based Economics Lesson
  124. Looking for Coconut coir in Duma area.
  125. Where to buy cheap but good and quality sofa or sala set
  126. Car insurance/COC/registration
  127. Death of an American...............
  128. Where to buy simple cubic zironia jewelry?
  129. How To Kill Mosquitos in Pond
  130. Electric train for kids 8 to ...80 years old
  131. Article: Philippines overtakes India as Call Center Capital
  132. Poppy seeds available?
  133. Storage Facilities
  134. 4 men arrested for fake money
  135. Happy Thanksgiving!
  136. Will it ever happen
  137. A short new image!
  138. Tire store rip off-almost
  139. I'm looking for a GOOD used desktop
  140. Baptismal
  141. Number of threads vs islands - new milestone
  142. Gas station on Locsin always out of gas?
  143. biking (cycling)
  144. running a restaurant /fastfood business in Dumaguete
  145. Floral Designed Rings in the Philippines
  146. Beware of safety issues - travel by bus
  147. Computer Hard Drive Question
  148. Dereliction of duty?
  149. Newbie from Perth Australia
  150. Mass and Internment for Jellyfish (John Kreemers)
  151. Pacquaio Fight
  152. Anyone here know anything about the NPA/New Peoples Army?
  153. organizations etc
  154. Why I hate these scumbags
  155. The final inspection...
  156. NAIA Manila
  157. solar storm on its way
  158. Zamboanguita Break in - Murder
  159. Gasul
  160. Adoption attorney
  161. Sax tudor wanted
  162. What's to know about owning a watercraft here?
  163. Which is best? A desktop or a laptop?
  164. Where to buy trailer hitch and install?
  165. Sadly, a DI member has passed away
  166. I'm a new member to the forums and of Dumaguete City.
  167. searching for sport like volleyball, badminton, and also for chessboard game
  168. Its a small world
  169. UK to Manila Nov-Dec
  170. South A.M. Exercise Group
  171. So I am sitting at San Rival/Robinsons today..
  172. Happy Halloween~~~
  173. Is there a Lawyer in the House?
  174. Where to buy 25kg sacks of flour?
  175. Sir Jimmy Saville
  176. PAL television
  177. US Balibayan service that will pack and ship?
  178. Looking to mold with epoxy type mix
  179. Thank you and Congratulations
  180. Map of flooded areas around Bangkok
  181. Newguy
  182. Thursday club
  183. Which toaster oven do you like?
  184. Help on selling land that someone is working on
  185. So what's with these expats wearing the same clothes EVERYDAY?
  186. Fill Material
  187. Property agents
  188. butterflies
  189. New Chinese Submarine?
  190. What's the best epoxy/super glue in town?
  191. Berlin Storefront
  192. Dumaguete Hash House Harriers Halloween run/walk
  193. ***Got problems? Want to see something really inspiring?***
  194. Any bakeries or at home bread makers taking special orders?
  195. Passport Renewal in Cebu - Accommodation
  196. anyone making tortillas?
  197. finally i signed up!!
  198. Two newbies from Germany
  199. Get it now! FaceBook timeline hack..
  200. Any wrought iron end tables in Dgte?
  201. new
  202. Thanks Steve!
  203. Lonely Green Bird needs some help with finding a lady companion...
  204. Australian age pension while in pI
  205. Nipa and Bamboo Work
  206. Star Movies Marketing
  207. Best place to buy a tv?
  208. Need to know...
  209. Whose Suzuki at Nuvel's shop?
  210. 30th Philippine AA National Convention in Cebu City
  211. new dentures
  212. WWII Bombing of Cebu City-Priceless
  213. Omg!
  214. Top 10 Reasons Why There Couldn’t Be a Filipino-American US President By David Letter
  215. Cebu - Urgent blood request 0+
  216. Newbie
  217. PSA - Donate blood and reduce your risk of heart disease
  218. Come on people......
  219. It sure is quiet today
  220. Guess McDonald's monthly electric bill..
  221. Industrial Gases
  222. Happy Bday Rhoody :-)
  223. Places to go
  224. moving on,so long....
  225. Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack".... Fantastic Vid.....
  226. Much better drivers in Bacolod
  227. If! we can't Beat them! Should we join them?
  228. leasing foreshore ground ?
  229. Just a few thoughts for you
  230. Almost there.....
  231. Newbie - Introduction
  232. Drafting older men
  233. Facebook - Who's Looking at Me?
  234. Hello
  235. Suspicion raised over Swiss national
  236. TODAY, Google+ is open for membership in the Philippines, Yeah!
  237. Caution Alert: HOME INVASIONS AT 1AM
  238. Sad news......
  239. NBI men rescue 20 geckos!
  240. International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
  241. News Flash - raid in Cagayan De Oro
  242. OK! Cool! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  243. An accident description that'll make your day...
  244. Manny Pacquaio
  245. Thoughts on "Prey" for latops
  246. And my complaint for today is.....
  247. Hello my friends.
  248. Ems
  249. ********-Formally IT Quest-Is anybody using their service?
  250. New forum software