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  1. Brit slaying
  2. SSA outreach in Cebu, short notice
  3. Sharp Authorized Repair Service?
  4. Driver's Licence Renewal
  5. Finally got it all figured out, and then . . .
  6. Cheap Charlie in Dumaguete
  7. US Social Security payment to Children born in Philippine's
  8. be awere this guy is in dumaguete
  9. Bacong house on Islands Properties….
  10. Taking donations for LFDF!
  11. Bo’bs Retiirement Party
  12. Anyone Have Knowledge of a good, RELIABLE U.S. Passport Travel Agent in Duma?
  14. Address for US Social Security
  15. Prepare yourself for the new improved BS
  16. Vlad Putin vs. Mitch Rapp
  17. Cheap and easy aircon
  18. Why question of the day: Filipino Time
  19. Seeking Patient Advocate/Lawyer to help me negotiate massive Hospital Bills
  20. American Dies in Valencia??
  21. Annual Report
  22. Delete
  23. California Dreaming - Tonight’s Dinner
  24. ACR card renewal
  25. Poem of a Cranky Old Man
  26. Have you tried Fil-Products Internet service lately?
  27. Annual report { Again !}
  28. Year of the Horse
  29. My Experience Dumaguete BOI January 2014
  30. V.A. Hospital Manila Free Meds
  31. Lamb meat
  32. A little lighthearted time out for ME!
  33. Rock Shop ??
  34. Reliable mail drop in Dumagute?
  35. Attorney / Lawyer generalist in Dumaguete, seeking your experience/advice
  36. 36 months on a tourist visa?
  37. MD General Practitioner experience/advice?
  38. Exit Clearance Certificate - Notification of strict enforcement.
  39. Arrive At Airport for International flight with no Exit Visa?
  40. LTO logic
  41. More BI .. uh .. "stuff" I don't understand
  42. Who're your neighbors?
  43. Who're your neighbors?
  44. What requirements for the Annual Report 2014 - Can anyone alsoi tell me the Procedure
  45. About Report.....
  46. Where can I find file to download the ECC form. Can not find any form at BI website.
  47. Hotels near Cebu Immigration
  48. How many days before Depature is the ECC valid ?
  49. BI orders foreigners to report v2014
  50. "Generics Pharmacy" Locations
  51. Questions about renew ACR card and ECC - RP - SRC and Annual Report
  52. Child adoption
  53. Questions about visa choices
  54. Reliable service to ship a box from Angeles City, Luzon to Dumaguete?
  55. Information as to costs
  56. Seeking budget apartment Dumaguete/Sibulan
  57. Seems very unlikely to happen here!
  58. Still Needed
  59. Snake Plumber
  60. Hello: My first post, I just want to say hello and introduce myself.
  61. Is that your ____?
  62. braces for teeth
  63. Current construction material costs info
  64. New To This Site + Looking For Rental Assistance
  65. Shop for Metal Frame Fabrication for Motorcycle
  66. Handyman Dumaguete
  67. my turn to rant!!!
  68. Even a foreigners wife can get the Blame
  69. OVERTAXED (UK Pension)
  70. OK! Most Defiantly for 16/18 year olds.
  71. Anyone knows a mr Judges?
  72. Why do you have a domestic worker in your home?
  73. New Immigration Chief in Dumaguete
  74. Wordpress and Internet Marketing
  75. First Post and want too Introduce Myself.
  76. Don't march against Pork
  78. Inventory of foreign nationals
  79. Procedure to get Exit Clearance
  80. U.S. Embassy notice......
  81. Lsve !!!!!!!!!!!
  82. House/Compound Maintenance/Manager Available
  83. Dutch guy with filipina wife...... VDS
  84. Some paralels between the US and Switzerland
  85. Jealousy a P.I. disease
  86. Does Noreco accept credit or debit cards?
  87. SWISS national selling munchkins in cebu..
  88. Dry Fish
  89. Small ants invading my Laptop
  90. Louis Haar
  91. give away much loved puppy
  92. 4th of July Barbq at Mike's Beach Resort
  93. It's So Nice To Be Nice!
  94. Kitten, orange color, wanted
  95. Plumbers snake
  96. Philippines Extreme sport - Ligiron :)
  97. 6M Tourist Visa
  98. FYI.. U.S Embassy notice and Cubu consulate party invitation (copy n Paste)
  99. It's ben real, its been fun, but AMF's
  100. U S Passport Renewal
  101. Going Down
  102. Atty. Abellon arrested
  103. New requirements for Form 13-A permenant residence visa
  104. Quality Plumbing Fixtures
  105. Philippine immigration law revision mulled
  106. When will the DFA Mobile Passport Office be in Dumaguete in 2013
  107. Dual citizenship for child born in the USA
  108. The world has a stake in ensuring the US’ continuing success
  109. UK Pension.
  110. S. Carolina Passes Nullification Bill To Make Obamacare A Crime
  111. Balik-bayan boxes from Michigan to Dumaguete
  112. Can you name the private schools in dumaguete and name their tuition. Please help me.
  113. Hernia Surgery Dumaguete
  114. Spam - anybody eat it?
  115. The Dumaguete Games and Air Fares
  116. Mechanic needed
  117. What do you use for a U.S. mailing address?
  118. Again and again and again.....what is wrong?
  119. Steel bars for house construction
  120. Places to buy a motorcycle (used/new)?
  121. Shipping Things from Dumaguete to Angeles?
  122. Hamburger
  123. Taxi from Cebu City to Ilo on
  124. Vehicle registration validity
  125. U.S. Expat Tax Preparation Service
  126. For All You Brits....
  127. Best hospital in Duma or Bacolod?
  128. Customs and Taxation
  129. Canada Pension - need help on how to apply
  130. Organic fruit and vegetables
  131. renew tourist acr card
  132. Watertruck in Dumaguete??
  133. Richard Briers...
  134. Siphoning septic tank info
  135. Vonage Unlimited to Globe Numbers in Philippines
  136. MALARIA! duz any1 there take anti-Malaria tablets, or anything at all for Trop bugs
  137. Paprika
  138. Social Security in Cebu again
  139. Attorney Frank Miguel
  140. Prescription medicines
  141. Where Can I Purchase Approved Helment in Dumaguete
  142. advise needed retirement visa??
  143. Attourney Dorado
  144. visa extensions...
  145. Social Security Office Dumaquete
  146. Rental of Motorcycle
  147. Any swimming pool experts out there?
  148. Who can recommend me somebody to verify house structure ?
  149. Who can recomment me a computer repair man/shop
  150. Funny exit out of Philippines
  151. DFA Dumaguete
  152. Annual register
  153. Life of Pi
  154. What's with the sign ?
  155. Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe
  156. Motorcycle Rental / Helmet Law
  157. Kids playing a game at our Christmas Party
  158. Thanks Amazon & UPS, that's Logistics!
  159. Unable to reach ssa.gov website.
  160. A sad tale of a 16 year old young man.
  161. Dirt Bike/Enduro Outings
  162. American Found Dead - John Michael Imler
  163. Does any shipping companys do pets? do they have customer service in the PI!?
  164. What time of Day would you pick to paint the Crosswalks?
  165. inexpensive solar light
  166. Lawn mower
  167. Sporting Options in Dumageute?
  168. acr-i card and permanent residents vs tourist.exiting philippines
  169. How the U.S. Presidential Voting System Works
  170. Calling All Dutch Men and Women!
  171. STD tests in Dumaguete
  172. Peso seen to hit 30:$1 next year
  173. Seawall
  174. U.S. Daylight Saving Time
  175. Where Were You - Kennedy Killing
  176. Advice of things to ship before my permanent move ??
  177. Advice on rental prices (beachfront dauin) with rental company or agent
  178. land titles, scams, any other problems buying land.
  179. Beach Land Donation??
  180. Pediatrician
  181. Security - dogs, steel bars, alarms etc.
  182. High-profile Sydney yacht designer's throat slashed
  183. Taboo topics for first meeting with your Filipina
  184. Possibly, 21'000php to renew a Passport?
  185. tech repairman
  186. Shipping From Tacloban to Dumaguete
  187. Good In-laws
  188. Are there any Thanksgiving events or gatherings for 2012 planned?
  189. Interactive Online Discussion with the Embassy's American Citizen Services Unit - Fri
  190. If someone really want's to know...
  191. Typical Monday for a Foreigner
  192. Sharp LCD TV
  193. Emergency message to u.s. Citizens
  194. Motorcycle ride/dolphin watch Sunday?
  195. Boxes?
  196. Hi all
  197. Any experienced dog trainer's out there?
  198. internet scam
  199. Self Defense Classes in Dumaguete?
  200. Work Permit/Living
  201. From U.S. Consular Agency Cebu
  202. Scam at the U.S. Embassy in Manila
  203. USA Debrief on Vietnam - Mike's Beach Resort
  204. looking for the satelite guy
  205. Hemorrhoids surgery - Dumaguete or Cebu ?
  206. Kojak
  207. Getting Married in a Surrounding Country?
  208. Chia seeds in Duma
  209. Eye Exam/Optical Shops
  210. Great removal company (Dumaguete)
  211. wanted Judge to witness signature and notorise
  212. My/your Workshop, let's see...
  213. Cost of land about one mile south of Downtown Valencia
  214. British Consular Outreach Clinic.
  215. Locked threads?
  216. Be Careful What You Wish For
  217. Doctor?
  218. A happy move.....
  219. Ocean Pollution in and near Dumaguete
  220. Send Money From The U.S. To The Philippines For Free!
  221. Diplomacy to Neighbours.
  222. shipping/broker to get container from cebu to Dumaguete
  223. good car insurance company's
  224. Trails around and about
  225. Jul 4th
  226. portable carport where to buy
  227. For friend's of Rick Will
  228. Beating on the boulevard about 3 weeks ago saturday night
  229. air pistol or air gun wanted
  230. Where praise is due.
  231. Hi there! Remember us?
  232. Pie crust
  233. neck reset on guitar
  234. 4th of July notice from John Domingo
  235. Dgtech!!! Great job.
  236. Wheelchair help
  237. ***Uninterruptible Power Supply May Set Your House on Fire***
  238. What small business would work in PI?
  239. Dentist needed
  240. Then and now.
  241. Any events or gatherings held for Expats?
  242. For friends of Tom Wade
  243. Advice of furnished apartment
  244. Cost of Living in the Philippines
  245. Security of Tenure
  246. Help - Possible Custody Dispute, Advice Please
  247. U.S. Embassy notice
  248. Trying to reach Atty Abellon with Cecb Immigration Office.
  249. Kawasaki 450 dirtbike?
  250. living away from your adult kids