Hi! My friends and I will be climbing Mt. Kanlaon this month on Oct 13-15, and decided to extend so we can watch the Maskara Festival on Oct 20 and 21. We have extra days for sightseeing, and decided to go to Dumaguete to snorkel in Apo Island and visit Siquijor. But we have several questions:

1. Does anybody know if there's a midnight bus from Bacolod going to Dumaguete? I think we'll just get that one to save us from camping in parking lots hehe From what I've researched, last trip is 730 pm but I'm not sure if there's a midnight bus.

2. Is it possible to camp somewhere in Dauin? I heard that there is a Dauin Marine Sanctuary, but I'm not sure if it's okay to camp if we have our own tent and sleeping bags? If there is, is there a fee? And a possible bathroom?

3. Are there boats going from Dauin to Apo Island? Because so far, what I read are boats going from Zamboangita to Apo Island, but I'm not sure how far the two areas are. If there is, I'm assuming that the boat rental fees are similar?

4. BTW, I read that there's a Buglasan Festival on Dumaguete on the same week as the festival of Maskarra. What kind of events are there?

Any reply would be really appreciated
We're really excited for this trip