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Thread: southdale school?

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    Default southdale school?

    I am looking for a good preschool to enroll my son when we will be arriving there. I haven't heard about one spesific school and that is southdale integrated school. I just know their tuitions are quite higher than other schools. has anyone heard about their quality,teachers,exact tuition amount for preschool level? do you pay monthly tuitions in schools there or everything is computed yearly?at what age a child is admitted to grade one? Is preschool obligatory to get enrolled in grade one? thanks
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    we just went there today. here are my observation that might help you. It's a small school which caters from preschool to 4th year high school. Very small class (which I like). Progressive method of teaching not the traditional method. (you can google that traditional vs progressive) The teachers based on the leaflet I got mostly are masters degree with 8 years and up teaching experience. Preschool tuition fee i think is 35,000. 5% discount if you pay cash. or 10 monthly installment. I suggest you visit the school to learn more I hope this helps.



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