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Dumaguete Car / Boat Rentals

There are many transportation options in Dumaguete City. In fact there are more than most places. Dumaguete is the capital of Negros Oriental and with that comes a lot of options to get around and see what this great part of the world has to offer.

Dealer of 4WD, SUV and used quality cars. Car Rental for self-driving. Long term rates available.

Dumaguete North Road,
Airport Area Sibulan,
Negros Oriental
Tel: (035) 2261 420 - (035) 4225 068
Fax:(035) 4228 271
Cell: 0920 - 952 3050, 0917- 700 5772
Email: grsdgte@yahoo.com

While there are of course the options of mass transit such as the local trikes and jeepneys as well as the many busses that flow in and out of Dumaguete City, sometimes this is not as convenient as it can be.

Dumaguete sometimes seems like the scooter capital of the world. This small city if full of scooters and motorcycles which seem to be the life’s blood of the streets and byways of the city.

Most hotels as well as the tour and travel places around the city can set up transportation to and from any destination, but what about the visitor who wishes a little more freedom and mobility to travel at their own pace?

Well, for this type of Dumaguete tourist there are options as well. There are a number of places in and around Dumaguete which will provide scooters and motorcycles as well as car rental. It is through these Dumaguete car rental shops that tourists can find that freedom to travel at will.

Renting a scooter or car is easy as you can rent by the hour or of course there are specials on daily and weekly rates. Don’t be scared to jump right on to the roads and experience transportation freedom. Driving in the Philippines can be a little scary but show a little patience and you will have no problems getting around Dumaguete and the neighboring areas.

And then the only question is where to go?

This is the easy part. Choose any direction in Negros Oriental and there is something to see. From along the coast where you could drive up to Bias for some dolphin and whale watching or drive in the complete opposite direction and heads towards Malapatay for the famous open market as well as being the jump off point to head over to beautiful Apo Island.

Dumaguete car rental offers this freedom for tourists looking to travel at their own pace. You can choose from one of these listed sites here or don’t forget about or forum where you can request for more information. There are plenty of locals as well as other tourists online who visit our forums who have the most up to date current information on Dumaguete car rental.