PHILX-PAT Corporation

WE ARE A GROUP OF EXPERIENCED EXPERTS FOR THE EXPATS & OFWs A partnership of Foreign nationals and Filipinos dedicated to bringing professional and trustworthy services to the Expat community and overseas Filipino workers. We believe that the Philippines is an extremely attractive place to live in and that the emerging economy provides unique and enticing business opportunities. Our goal is to attract people from all over the world to first come and explore this wondrous country, after which we are confident that they will be determined to make the Philippines their second home. We w...

Tips on Renting

How feasible is the business of having apartments rented in the Philippines? Here are things to consider in having apartments for rent. Apartments for rent are a growing business in the Philippines. Many people, especially those on retirement, choose the business of renting apartments to others. There are three kinds of apartments for rent: the bed spacers, studio-types, and the bungalow or multi-level house. Bed spacers are good types of apartments for rent. They get easily rented out, especially when placed near factories of commercial centers. A small 25 square-meter bungalow hard t...

Small Business Tips on Rainy Days

Rainy days in the Philippines are months that cover almost half of the year. They usually start from July to November. These are times when storms and typhoons often disrupt the regular flow of business. Moreover, these are often lean months because people would rather stay at home than go out shopping. So how do we prepare our business for the rainy days? Watch what people usually need on rainy days. It will be well to be a bit flexible with one’s business items and have them conform to what is presently the need of the majority. When classes are suspended, business items for kids and teen...