Dauin: Diving the Car Wrecks

When people talk about a tourist destination the Philippines is definitely on their list. It is mainly because the country has a lot to offer such as the white beaches of Boracay, Pagudpud and Puerto Galera. Furthermore, the Philippines has also has a number of unexplored wonders waiting for you to explore such as the virgin dive site of Dauin Banca and Car Wrecks.

Dauin is a small town on the island province of Negros Oriental. To get there you could either board a plane going to Sibulan Airport in Dumaguete City then take public transportation going to Dauin. Otherwise, you could take a ferry from Manila or a boat ride in the nearby island provinces such as Cebu, Aklan and Bohol.

Although, you might find Dauin a typical rural area; its true beauty and wonder lies under the sea. Most of its aquatic landscape is declared to be MPA (marine protected area) especially the Car Wrecks.

Car Wrecks is located about four to five nautical miles southeast from the municipality. Before, the dive site was said to be full of wrecked planes, ships even automobiles, so that where it derives its present name Car Wrecks. Furthermore, it is about 5 – 30 meters deep and its water temperature ranges from 27 – 31 degrees Celsius. While at the Car Wrecks dive site you might even explore other dive sites because of its close proximity with the rest such as the Banca Wrecks.

You are now all set to plunge in and ready to explore the Car Wrecks just be sure your diving suit, goggles and other diving equipment is in good condition.

Once you are down under, you will be totally amazed with Car Wrecks hidden marine life. Coral reefs are present there, which become a spawning area of pipefish, lionfish, seahorses and frogfish. There are also artificial reefs, wherein you could find many poisonous marine animals such as jellyfish, scorpion fish and stonefish. Spend more time, and you could see schools of different fish such as angelfish, harlequin ghost pipes, jack and bat fish. Virtually, almost any kind of colorful fish are there especially those that can be found in aquarium shops!


What else can we find at Car Wrecks?

Some divers and underwater photographers take very memorable pictures of hunchback turtles or “pawikan” in the Tagalog language. Others even account the existence of dolphins and sperm whales, which they believe a mere coincidence, but you might be lucky enough to see them as well!

There are a lot of things the Car Wrecks diving site has to offer for those diving enthusiasts. It is a must see for divers when vacationing in the Philippines.

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