Tranquil and generally quiet during the day, Dumaguete unfolds into a throbbing party district come sundown. There are a number of certified party places where one can drink, dance, eat and be merry – even until the wee hours of morning.

coco amigosCoco Amigos

Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City

Bar and restaurant with a genuine Mexican flair! From the façade down to the interiors and furniture, Coco Amigo is a showcase of everything Mexican – rich and colorful details, quirky Aztec figures painted on walls, Mexican sombreros, and festive South American music. It serves authentic Mexican cuisine and has an ample supply of the favorite Tequila. If you feel like looking out into the horizon or the boulevard strip, you can choose to be seated at their front patio under huge white umbrellas.

El Camino Blanco

EJ Blanco Drive, Dumaguete City

A bar, restaurant and dance club rolled into one, it is the ever popular night destination where the young and the trendy converge. Constantly booming with irresistible dance music, thanks to the in house DJ, El Camino is definitely a must go for all party lovers. It has a well stocked bar, state of the art sound system and lighting, is fully air conditioned and serves great Filipino food such as the crispy pata and beef tapa. On some occasions, it features live band concerts and fashion shows.

Barefoot Bistro

EJ Blanco Drive, Dumaguete City

Adjacent to El Camino Bar is Barefoot Bistro, an outdoor informal bar and restaurant where many love to hang out because of its casual and rugged flair – no dress codes here. It has a serviceable bar and a menu of popular outdoor dishes like the grilled pork belly and sisig. One can play billiards or throw some darts, catch a couple of TV shows near the bar while sipping ice cold beer, or simply just lounge around with friends in one of their pretty native huts.


Escaño Beach, Dumaguete City

Every Wednesday of the week, people would flock to this bay side bar to hear their famous reggae band. Its proximity to the sea lends this place an idyllic atmosphere of the beach during a hot tropical summer night. Perhaps its most unique attractions are the native tree houses facing the ocean. With a 15-seat capacity and its own bar, each tree house is perfect for a small group of friends. On clear nights, one can see the distant lights of the Cebu Island or the blinking gas lanterns of local fishermen’s boats. You should sample Hayahay’s specialty, baked or grilled oysters fresh from their aquarium.

Why Not DiscoWhy Not Disco

Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City

It is the most popular hangout for tourists because of its location and its amenities. It has evolved from once being the city’s trendiest hotel and restaurant circa 1970 to today’s modern hot spot featuring a discotheque, several bars, a game room, a karaoke bar, an internet café. It also houses a deli with a wide selection of freshly baked pastries and bread, imported wine, cheese and cold cuts. Why Not Music Box is your one stop shop for your fine dining and entertainment needs. Right across it is the well-loved boulevard where one can take a stroll or sit on the benches to enjoy the sea at anytime of the day.



The Compuesto Lounge

Hibbard Avenue, Dumaguete City

The newest addition to the city’s nightlife vista, this bar and restaurant is the classic urban hub. It is a relatively small place but boasts of cozy little nooks complete with small throw pillows in stark solid colors. White washed walls are bathed in neon lights which give a modern dramatic take on the atmosphere. The beverage list is quite impressive from the regular beer to flavored coffee and metropolitan drinks. The Compuesto Lounge is a taste of avant-garde living in a provincial setting.

coco amigo staff

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