Greenwich Pizza

Dumaguete City is the principal seaport and the capital of Negros Occidental province in southern Philippines. It is also known as a university town because there are seven universities located in the city.

Dumaguete City has an area of around 34 square kilometers and is on the coast of the southeastern part of Negros Island. Dumaguete City is also situated close to the Banica River. There are 30 urban barangays in Dumaguete City.

Many tourist destinations are in Dumaguete City that it is now becoming popular to European and Japanese travelers. Because of the large number of students and visitors in Dumaguete City, it also became a strategic location for fast-food restaurants.

Greenwich Pizza is one of the leading fast-food chains in the Philippines. It is really great that Greenwich Pizza has decided to set up some restaurants in Dumaguete City.

Greenwich Pizza caters to Filipinos who would like to eat pizza, pasta, chicken, and garlic bread. The pizza flavors in Greenwich were especially seasoned to suit the Filipino taste.

Greenwich Pizza is a popular haven after a trip around Dumaguete City. The temperature range is between 22 to thirty degrees Celsius in Dumaguete. It is great to spend afternoon having a snack at Greenwich Pizza and drinking their refreshing coolers.

Greenwich Pizza is also a great hangout for students. Silliman University, which is the oldest university established by Americans in Asia is one of the known universities in Dumaguete City. Other universities in Dumaguete are Negros Oriental State University, Foundation University and Saint Paul University. The Saint Paul University in Dumaguete City is the oldest of the Saint Paul Universities in the Philippines.

Students from the seven universities in Dumaguete City spend time after school bonding with their classmates, discussing some projects or just chatting while enjoying a meal at Greenwich Pizza.

As IT, call center and BPO companies start to set-up business in Dumaguete City, many of their employees prefer good fast-food restaurants in which to spend their snack and lunchtime.

This is why Greenwich Pizza also became a preference of employees. Great flavor is combined with affordability. Employees and students in Dumaguete City wouldn’t have to exceed their lunch budget at Greenwich Pizza. They can always choose a meal combo that would fit their budget.

Since most of their Greenwich Pizza customers are tourists, employees and students, food service is fast. This is Greenwich Pizza is becoming one of the most preferred pizza companies not just in Dumaguete City but also in the Philippines.

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