Dumaguete Lifestyle - Negros Oriental - Philippines

Dumaguete City is one of the cities in the Philippines that attracts a considerable number of tourists because of its many attractions. Dumaguete City is near the shoreline and has seven beach resorts and dive camps. Dolphin and whale watching delight the tourists, particularly Americans and Europeans who the top of the list of tourists arrival in the city.

Dumaguete lifestyle is never dull because of amenities offered by the hotels, beautiful places to be visited by tourists, shopping centers, restaurants and market places that offer grilled suckling pig, roast meat, fruits and the freshest catch of fish. Market stall vendors grill them in front of buyers then afterwards bring them to the huts in the beach for a hearty meal.If you've stayed in Manchester or Nottingham hotels in the UK, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city location, then you're sure to love staying almost anywhere in Dumaguete. There is just as much to keep you entertained, all within a beautiful beachside location.

Tourists enjoy Dumaguete lifestyle by taking a dip in large swimming pools, go to places where there are waterfalls, or simply laze in the beach for a beautiful tan, take lessons in dive sites, or take a boat ride that is ready to bring them to nearby islands. It has also a new golf course and a clubhouse on a hilltop where even none members can come and play every day of the week, wherein golf equipments could be rented.

Some tourists simply just sit by and watch dolphins and whales leap and jump, a scene usually happening at 5:00 p.m. (Philippine time), and not ordinarily seen in other places.

Hours idly passed by when one is taking a leisure vacation in this island. Tourist claims it to be a glorious moment watching sunset at the bay where the sun magically turns its color to orange red, blending with the colors of the sea.

As of May 2007, the City Tourism office reported tourists arrival of 67,500 composed of Americans, Koreans, Japanese, Australians, UK and France. The City expects to have more visitors this year.

The 2000 Philippine census reported 102,265 people in Dumaguete City with a male population more than the female. Sometimes it is called a university town, because of the presence of universities and colleges wherein students from nearby provinces come to enroll. There are also some foreigners enrolled in Siliman University, one of the finest universities in the Philippines.

The economy and industry of the City shows an upward growth. One of the biggest call centers is located in the city, as well as other business processing and outsourcing companies that have started their operations here. Shopping centers and malls are at par with those malls elsewhere and everything needed by someone is available. The introduction of these new industries has created another Dumaguete lifestyle for its peoplee.

Tourism has given the Dumaguete City folks a source of livelihood and a new lifestyle. Native products produced here are sold to the tourist market, and sometimes, find a market in other countries

The City Government takes pride of this place, and maintains peace and order in the city.

Dumaguete City is being promoted by the Department of Tourism as a tourist destination, a place for retirement, and a place ideal for investment.

Dumaguete lifesstyle is a choice, from education, just relaxing, doing sports, and doing the pleasure of discovering the attractions of the city, exploring the investment opportunities, or simply dreaming of a place for retirement.