Permanent Resident Visa

Expats usually face the same problem whenever they want to work in the Philippines, which is how to get a permanent resident visa. There are only a handful of methods on how to obtain one and you need to be willing to pay some money for this permanent resident visa. We will tell you what exactly this permanent resident visa is, how to get one, how long it takes and when it expires for the expats in the Philippines.

A permanent resident visa in the Philippines is a kind of visa that lasts for ten years provided that you have a permanent residence in the Philippines. This visa will last one year for the initial application and after further reapplications, it will last for ten years, upon which the expats will receive a I-card which is a card that looks like a credit card, with your ID picture, finger print and personal data.

The application fee costs P 10,000 which is equal to around $225, and the approval fee costs another P 10,000 which is a total of around $550. After one year, you will be asked to register your permanent resident visa yearly which costs another $8.

You also have to provide the signature of your spouse and your marriage certificate as well as your own birth certificate and your spouse’s birth certificate. Expats are also required to hand over a certification of a savings bank account with the minimum $ 10,000, and a certificate of residence from the expats town or city of residence. Usually the ID pictures are taken right at the embassy and you can only obtain your permanent resident visa in the major cities of the Philippines such as Manila, Cebu, Davao City and Bacolod City.

Expats have a lot ahead of them before they can obtain a permanent resident visa in the Philippines, but with the right plan, expats will be able to receive their permanent resident visa for the Philippines.

12 thoughts on “Permanent Resident Visa

  1. TmLufkin says:

    Hi i’m a Filipina married to a US citizen for 11 years and would like to apply a permanent residency for my hubby. We got married in Thailand but lived here in PH since 2000. Do I need to register our marriage here? Whats the easiest way to obtain it? Many thanks!

  2. ness says:

    i am a filipina,,i have bf frm afghanistan he wants to have a residential visa here in philipines,,what we should do??pls help us..thx

  3. marissa says:

    Hi.. how to get a temporary resident visa for my indian husband.. How much it cost and what are the procedure and the advantage of that kind of visa.. tks.

  4. abass says:

    and also if i need a one year visa for the philipines how can i get it,cos i know my passport does not need a visa to the philipines.pls i need ur advice?

  5. elsan lumindas says:

    Im a Filipina who married with Indian citizens and currently living in singapore.He is now holding a singapore permanent residents,is it possible that he can take a Philippines permanent residents?

  6. Antonio says:

    I leave with a filipina for the past 8 years and would like to settledown in Philippines. Please advice me what to do to obtain a permanent residence.


  7. reny says:

    Hi! i am married to a filpina and we have two kids. we did apply for PR for our kids a while ago but no trace on the staus of our application. What shall i do to get myself a PR and our kids application completed.
    Hope to hear from u cheers

  8. Sonia Hoser says:

    how i can get a permanent visa in the philippines with my families?. i´m a former filipina who wants now to reside in the philippines.

  9. mary says:

    im a filipina…if my bf wants to have a permanent visa here in the philippines is it same requirements needed? if we are married or not?can u give me some details pls.

  10. ORIETTA DIAZ says:

    Hi, i’m living in the philippines since january 11, 2010, i live with a philippino but we’re not married (he’s procescing his divorce which have taken too much time) i’m pregnant now, 9 months…what can i do to ask for a permanent visa?

  11. Muhammad Yasir iftikhar says:

    I am yasir from.Pakistan I live in Pakistan I married with filpino in Pakistan.she came pakistan in February for marriage with she work in hongkong.Now I want to live in pinas..kindly tell how I apply a residential visa for phillipines….thanks

  12. Muhammad Yasir iftikhar says:

    She came pakistan February 2014 and we married here in my place gujrat,panjab,Pakistan

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