Permanent Resident Visa

Expats usually face the same problem whenever they want to work in the Philippines, which is how to get a permanent resident visa. There are only a handful of methods on how to obtain one and you need to be willing to pay some money for this permanent resident visa. We will tell you what exactly this permanent resident visa is, how to get one, how long it takes and when it expires for the expats in the Philippines.

A permanent resident visa in the Philippines is a kind of visa that lasts for ten years provided that you have a permanent residence in the Philippines. This visa will last one year for the initial application and after further reapplications, it will last for ten years, upon which the expats will receive a I-card which is a card that looks like a credit card, with your ID picture, finger print and personal data.

The application fee costs P 10,000 which is equal to around $225, and the approval fee costs another P 10,000 which is a total of around $550. After one year, you will be asked to register your permanent resident visa yearly which costs another $8.

You also have to provide the signature of your spouse and your marriage certificate as well as your own birth certificate and your spouse’s birth certificate. Expats are also required to hand over a certification of a savings bank account with the minimum $ 10,000, and a certificate of residence from the expats town or city of residence. Usually the ID pictures are taken right at the embassy and you can only obtain your permanent resident visa in the major cities of the Philippines such as Manila, Cebu, Davao City and Bacolod City.

Expats have a lot ahead of them before they can obtain a permanent resident visa in the Philippines, but with the right plan, expats will be able to receive their permanent resident visa for the Philippines.

19 thoughts on “Permanent Resident Visa

  1. Anwar says:

    Dear Sir,
    i need a Philippine visa which is just for one or two stay in Philippine or three months .. what i need to do for that type visa and whats the requirement and also i am not Married just want to go there like a visit visa … whats the requirement and and how much money to be paid for that type of vise thanks sir for your kindness .. i shall be very thankful to you.. thanks … Anwar From Pakistan

  2. guy says:

    i belgium resident in portugal and retired i will married begin next year my philippino gf
    how can i stay here for ever because no family in europe can i invest in cooperation here without permanent visa
    or is it possible to invest via a company

  3. guy says:

    can i send my belonings to here and what i need to pay for TAX and how many days weeks take before the container is free when arrive in manila

  4. Mel says:

    hi, i’m a filipina and I had an american boyfriend retired navy. He wants to apply a permanent residence here in Philippines. Is it still possible to get a permanent residence even his not married to a filipina? And if we get married here in the Philippines what should be the requirements to get a permanent residence?

  5. omodiagbe oseluonamen says:

    i am married to a filipino,i want to know the requirment to get a resident permit visa…..right now i’m in the philippine in bacolod, hope to hear from you soon.
    thanks alot

  6. Gus says:

    I am married to a filipina and have a son born there. I’m from Spore and wonderin how do i get a citizenship in Phil as we would like to settle down there… Thanks.


  7. Eme says:


    We are a couple of foreigners (below 35 years old) looking to have a permanent residence in the PH.
    I understand the retirement Visa gives access to a permanent residence but is available only for 35 + years old,
    other option which is a investor visa , requires to bring more than 70K USD and set up a company here (if I understood well) , which is not possible for us.
    Also we cannot marry a Filipino since we are already married
    Do you have another solution on how to get a permanent residence here?
    feel free to answer directly on my email .


  8. Dominic Loh says:

    Hi, am a local S’porean. Am planning to marry my filipina girlfriend and settle down in her hometown in Manila, Phillipines. How do I go about in terms of marriage registration and apllying for citizenship as I have made up my mind to settle down in Phillipines for good.

  9. annalise says:

    hello,just want to ask if how can a filipina like me obtain a canadian visa if my canadian fiancee cant come here in the Philippines to marry me coz he is disabled.thank you.

  10. nizel says:


    i am a filipina, 5 years married with an indian national,how can i give a permanent residence visa for my husband?pls advice



  11. Ralf Peter Reitz says:

    me and my wife, booth German, need a permanent visa for the Philippines, can we meet us for what kind of Visa we need the requirements,
    thank you for helping

  12. MARY says:

    hi,im pilipina my bf is bangladeshi.he want to open business in philippines at the same time is it any possible he can apply permanent visa in philippines?

  13. farhan ahmes says:

    i am from pakistan i want to ask that i have a girlfriend in philpine with which i marry there in philpine she also have complete family there and also work there in philpine what procedure is suitable for me that is least cost and easy for me , plz guide me sir . i shall be very thankful to you
    my email :
    and my mobile number : 00923089147304

  14. farhan ahmes says:

    plz i need this inform me guide me sir

  15. Permanent Resident Visa says:

    I am staying at philippines since 2009 Dec and working for an international company here. I have a condominium too, please do advise how can i get a permanent residency here.

  16. Ronak Rehman says:

    Hi, I am Christian. I am living in Pakistan which is hated even by the people who have deep roots in it. I am a minority by all means in this nation full of turmoil. I am planning to marry by Bangladeshi fiance very soon, and move to the Philipines. I am also interested in purchasing a medium sized 2 bedroom house within Manila city limits which is not so expensive to live in. Please provide me all the information that you possibly can forward me in Jesus’ Holy Name. Thanks. Ronak Rehman Karachi, Pakistan

  17. Canuck Guy says:

    Hello all,

    I just felt like sharing my story about getting residency in the Philippines.

    Getting my Filipino driver’s licence was such a nightmare. The officials really messed with me since I was white and refused every fixer that approached me. (Don’t go to the LTO in Las Pinas)

    After this Nightmare, I decided that I would not go through the same process and used a fixer, recommended by a friend, for my residency.

    I applied for a 13a quota VISA. This is the same VISA you can get if you get married, but your Country of origin must have a reciprocal agreement with the Philippines.

    What you need for this VISA:
    – Completed BI form
    – NBI clearance
    – Police clearance from your home country authenticated by the Philippines embassy in your country
    – Medical exam and stamp from the bureau of Quarantine in the Philippine c/w drug screening
    – Pictures
    – Full CV Notarized in the Philippines
    – Bank certificate from a Philippines bank proving inward remittance of 50Kusd Notarized in the Philippines. (Funds must come from outside the Philippines)
    – I think its about it but I could be missing a few small things…

    Everything in my application was 100% legal and I basically used the fixer as a courier and a way to get my VISA processed fast. Boy was I wrong.

    Since I work offshore, I did not want to be out of the country when they issued the VISA since I would have had to apply for a motion for reconsideration and start the clock again…

    So I paid the fixer 80Kphp + all the BI fees thinking he had contacts at the BI to prevent my application from just sitting there.

    The application process went fast. The fixer walked me from one line to the next, where I waited like anyone else. It was good to have someone used to the process to point in the right directions. NBI, Quarantine office, ACR card, application at the BI all went well.

    I eventually got a call from him for the mandatory interview. I showed up to the Atty’s office and again waited for my turn. The interview itself lasted about 2 minutes. The Atty was very happy with my application as it was bullet proof… He did pic at my CV saying he wanted a more complete one explaining my hobbies and goals and where I went to high-school. I guess he just needed to show he was paying attention…

    Before I started this process, the fixer had promised that it would take 1 month. So I waited, and waited … and waited…

    The whole time not working in fear that I would leave and the VISA would be granted.

    I kept asking the fixer what was going on and was served idiotic excuses.

    Nearly 4 month later, I receive a text from the fixer saying he needed a waiver to give “The bearer of the document” the rights to my banking information… This was needed because he said the BI was not able to verify the validity of my bank certificate.

    At that point, I blew a gasket. The lawyer during my interview told me everything was in order.. Why the hell did it take them over 3 month to tell me this. I then told the fixer this was not acceptable and told him I no longer needed his services.

    Fortunately for me, my girlfriend is a government worker. She proceeded to call people asking if anyone knew anyone at the BI. After a few hours, she got a contact.

    She explained the situation to this new contact basically just asking about the status of my application.

    He came back to us saying that it was approved and not to give any documents or money to the fixer. He also wanted the fixer’s name so he could root him out.

    We told him we were concerned about our safety and preferred not to divulge this information. As much as I would have liked to get back at this scammer, if you live long enough in the Philippines, you will know of a few expats getting shot in the head over things of this nature.

    We asked what was the normal delay for a 13a Visa application…

    We were told, if you pay the express fee of 25Kphp at the BI, its processed in 1 month…

    Moral of the story. If you use a fixer, people will mess with you because they know you can pay. Just go through the normal process and pay the express fee. You will save yourself a headache and a few $$$.

    Good patience,
    Canuck Guy

  18. michael hart says:

    im been in philipines now for about 10 months i am marriad to flilipino lady and i am returning to london for 2 months buisness trip,can i apply for aa permanente philippineo visa in london while i’m there.thank you

  19. hafiz muhammad saleem says:

    I m from pakistan and now am working in kampala
    I have used clothing business here in kampala
    I have my own company the name of
    Moyoni international
    I want to open my same business there in Philippine
    I want to know how can I get visa and how can I make company there
    and how can I get residence visa

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