How to get to Dumaguete - Negros Oriental - Philippines

Traveling to Dumaguete

Filipinos are known as a warm and hospitable people. While hospitality is a general trait of all Filipinos, Dumaguete is known as “The City of Gentle People.” The people of Dumaguete have taken kindness to a different level, as reflected in their warm reception of tourists. The city has its fair share of scenic tourists spots as well as a wide array of amazing cuisines.

If you are an outgoing person, you will grow fond of what Dumaguete can provide. It is recognized for its excellent picnic spots and other outdoor ventures. It is a normal scene to see families and friends gathering around sharing the food they have prepared while sitting on the grass, enjoying the sights and sounds that is typical of Dumaguete.

Dumaguete has a total area of 34.26 kilometers situated on the southeastern end of the Banica River. It is largely a flat mass of land stretching from two to six kilometers consisting of 30 urban barangays. This is the reason why one cannot overlook its wide shoreline which is very evident in Dumaguete’s business districts. Not to mention the calm and tranquility one can encounter when eating at one of the many diners that provides succulent meals and delicious appetizers.


From Metro Manila, the city of Dumaguete is accessible via both flights and ferries. Staying in a hotel will never be a dilemma. There are many hotels where tourists can stay and most of them provide the basic amenities found in a hotel such as cable television, telephone lines, hot and cold shower, and air conditioning.

How to get to Dumaguete City

By air, there are 4 flights that can be booked everyday which travels from Metro Manila to Dumaguete and back. Both Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific has flights in the morning and again in the afternoon. The entire travel time will consume 1 hour and 10 minutes.

If the preferred mode of travel is by sea, there are regular trips from Metro Manila to Dumaguete. The trip will take about 36 hours. From the city of Cebu, a quick ferry ride to Dumaguete takes just 4 hours.

By land, Ceres Lines buses that leaves a few hours apart from its Cebu station to the town of Bato provides its passengers with an opportunity to enjoy the sights. From Bato, the bus will board a barge which will traverse the picturesque Tañon Strait. The barge will stop in Amlan, Negros. The bus will then disembark from the barge and take its passengers to Dumaguete City. The estimated travel time is 5 hours at normal speed.

In conclusion, whatever means of transportation a traveler chooses, going to Dumaguete City can be convenient.