Negros Oriental State University - Dumaguete - Philippines

Continuously opening its doors to many students who come from various parts of the Philippines, the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) in Dumaguete city, is indeed a good structured university that has passed the tests of time.

As it stands proudly within its homeland in Dumaguete city, Negros Oriental, the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) is beautifully adorned with a plush of green grass around its awe-inspiring white-walled structure – as if to beckon any passersby to come and take a closer look within.

Although many Dumaguete residents and the university’s students now call it Negros Oriental State University or, simply, NORSU, the early founders of this university had formerly referred to it as the Central Visayas Polytechnic College (CVPC).

Yes, it was merely a college then. But, with the granting of the university status in 2004, by the Republic Act 9299, its change of status and name were formally implemented.

Since the year 1927, the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) in Dumaguete had already been disseminating a good educational teaching procedure to its students.

Amidst a messy past filled with wars that it had to go through, this university never died down altogether. In fact, it is a perfect example of the expert built of certain colleges during those times like the University of Santo Tomas (UST), the De La Salle University (DLSU) and a lot more which firmly held their ground through the ages.

Aside from its past, what’s more enticing is that what was practiced then in this university’s educational procedures was perfected now with an offer of different college departments such as the College of Education, College of Maritime Education, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, College of Agriculture and Forestry, and a lot more for those who would like to learn, develop themselves, and excel further in their own chosen field (with the hopes, of course, to carve their niche in their preferred careers for the future).

If one would like to enroll in the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) in Dumaguete, one has to be aware that this university works on a bi-semestral educational system. This means that two enrollments are split into certain months in a year including the months of May or June for the first semester, and October to November for the second.

Classes for the first semester are usually out by October while the second semester typically ends around the first week of the month of November.

The Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) in Dumaguete city has great things in store for the particular enrollee. Housing thousands of satisfied students, with graduates that had bagged the topnotcher awards in certain departments, it is one of the best schools in the country that a particular student could choose to be a part of.

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