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Brownout in Dumaguete and all over the Visayas

April 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment

 A long brownout hit Dumaguete and the whole Visayas on the Saturday February  25 which lasted until lunchtime Sunday. While speculations went wild and even local radio-stations reported about a bomb, the extended Brownout of the Negros Oriental Region was caused by a leaking transformer at the sub-station in Pondol, Amlan, Negros Oriental.

The following report is from the Judy Flores Partlow (JFP) and was published on the website of the Philippines News Agency

DUMAGUETE CITY, April 27 (PNA) – The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), formerly the National Transmission Corporation or TransCo, has reverted to using an old transformer at the sub-station in Pondol, Amlan, Negros Oriental after a newly installed unit was found to have a leak.

Marcos Quiamco of NGCP said the leak was discovered on Saturday, at the time the entire Visayas region had a total power blackout due to a trip in the Malitbog-Tabangon sub-station in Leyte.

While most areas in the Visayas had power restored late Saturday, Dumaguete City and several parts of Negros Oriental serviced by the Pondol, Amlan sub-station suffered many more hours of power interruption until the next day.

Quiamco said that around 10:40 a.m. Saturday, the NGCP had energized its Pondol sub-station and by 12:15 p.m., a leakage in the transformer’s bushing was discovered.

Gradual shutdown of feeders of the two electric cooperatives in Negros Oriental – NORECO I and NORECO II – started at around 1:28 p.m. but the leak got worse and by 2:38 p.m., NGCP had to enforce a total shutdown, Quiamco said.

By Sunday, NGCP had to revert to using an old MVA transformer instead, and power was restored shortly before noontime.

Quiamco said they are now contacting Xian Electric, the contractor for the newly installed transformer, which leaked, for the repair of the leaking unit, which is still under warranty. (PNA)

As the region is running now on an older transformer there can be more Brownouts expected in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental for the next few month until the new transformer will be repaired.

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The Ducomi Pier – saving a worldclass dive-site

November 28th, 2008 · 13 Comments

The Dumaguete Coconut Mills Inc. will renovate “The Pier” or “Ducomi” as it is known in the diving world. The underwater world of DUCOMI is very unique for several factors. The macro-life is in the variety and density well known all over the world. Also divers who are not into the small stuff experienced an atmosphere which is hard to top.  

At present are several meetings with dive-operators and environmental experts discussing options and possibilities to conserve or rescue even a part of this underwater wonder at the Ducomi Pier.

Here is the letter as sent out by the corporation on November 26, 2008.


                Just recently, the Board of Directors of DUCOM approved the budget for the repair of the steel piles and concrete slabs and beams of our pier. This project was supposed to be scheduled early this year but we held it in abeyance the approval of the owners.

                We deeply regret to say that this project necessitates the scraping of the nudibranches and other living things which consider the pillars as their home but we have to undertake such costly move in order to avoid further damage to our installation. If we don’t do this now, we would be incurring much greater cost in the future, which we can’t afford.

                The project is scheduled to start this coming month and the contractor will be mobilizing this weekend. As we have no idea yet on the details of their repair methology, we remain hanging on our decision whether or not to continue allowing diving on the early stages while creatures still exist for the nature lovers to see.

                What a waste, but we have no choice. We hope to preserve, conserve, retrieve or replace those marine beauties for them to still be visible after the repair works. Frankly we need them as a living proof that our industrial effluent is not polluted. It took years for them to build up on the pillars; we don’t want to loose them in a wink of an eye.

                If you have any suggestions or comment about their conservation, please feel free to communicate with us. We need environmentalists like you.


                                                                                                                Sincerely yours,               


                                                                                                                Romunaldo S. Domingo

                                                                                                                Plant Manager

We will report the next weeks about the development and the achievment of all involved parties.


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Buglasan Festival 2008

August 27th, 2008 · 19 Comments

The Buglasan Festival 2008 will be held from October 16 – 26 2008 with activities all over the City of Gentle people with Parades through the City, Fireworks at the Rizal Boulevard and Boatracing in Siaton. The evening events are mainly around the Sidlakang Negros Stage.
Buglasan 2008 kicks of on October 16th with the Buglasan Farm Family Congress at the Provincial Agriculture Office.
The program of the following days is:
Oct 17:
Opening Buglasan Booths
Duett and Quartett Competitions
Negros Oriental Performs

Oct 18:
Lutong Garbo sa Sidlakang Negros
6th Buglasan Chess Festival
Bulilit Minus-One Singing
Children’s Choir
Rondalla Junior & Senior (Kumparsa) Division
Balak and Balitw Competitions

Oct 19:
Chess Festival Day 2
Marching Band Competition
Marching Band Parade
Minus-One Senior Division

Oct 20:
Chess Festival Awards Program
Live Band Competition

Oct 21:
Buglasan Rap
Pop Dance Competition

Oct 22:
Global Peace Festival
International Students Night

Oct 23:
Folk Dance Competition
Sponsors Night

Oct 24:
Festival of Festivals Show Down
Festival of Festivals Streetdance
Buglasan King and Queen Selection

Oct 25:
Buglasan Bangga sa Balanan Kayaking & Canoe Competitions
Cheerdance Compeditions
Pakwela Sa Air Philippines
Dancesport Competitions
Fireworks Competitions Part 1

Oct 26:
Thanksgiving Mass
Outstanding Oriental Negrense Awards
Buglasan Booth Awards
Fireworks Competition Part 2
Chinese Pyrotechnics Exhibition

 I think there is something for everybody.


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Rogelio “Rolly” Clamonte – Who is Who in Dumaguete

August 26th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Rogelio “Rolly” Clamonte

Rogelio Rolly CalmonteIn our “Who is Who in Dumaguete?”-Column we entered in this edition the holy grounds of the City Hall to meet “Rolly” Clamonte. He is a busy guy and in charge of the Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) here in Dumaguete. Dumaguete City and some of his projects serve as role-model for many environmental solutions.
One of his projects even won the National Galing Pook Award. “Rolly” hosts ENRO-meetings with delegations from all over the country.
Mr. Clamonte talked with us about environmental problems and solutions as well as his visions for the future. We will publish that later on in a separate article. Here are our famous 10 questions to Mr. Rogelio “Rolly” Clamonte:

What is your full Name ?
Rogelio “Rolly” Clamonte

Are you married /Kids (if yes how many, boy/girl, age)?
No, I am single.

What is your occupation?
Government Employee

How long and why are you in Dumaguete?
since 40 years and I feel Safe in the City

What do you like about Dumaguete ?
Dumaguete is a peaceful and progressive City

What was the best experience in your life?
When my Project won the National Galing Pook contest

What are your plans for the future ?
to gather more environmental Awards for Dumaguete

If you can say 2 sentences daily to 1.700 people from all over the world, WHAT would you tell them ?
Try to settle at Dumaguete and feel the difference

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Siquijor installs project to safe energy

June 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered for all government agencies and government-owned and controlled corporations, to adopt electricity and fuel savings measures as soon as possible. The Department of Science and Technology and the Siquijor State College try the best to advocate energy conservation in Siquijor province following President GMA’s order for all.

An awareness training was conducted by the DOST, co-sponsored by the Siquijor State College and the provincial government of Siquijor. The primary goal is to develop the knowledge, awareness and capability of the staff involved in the energy management.  “Savings in Electricity” is the bottom line. This seminar should help to generate substantial saving of electricity in a short and long term. 

Dr. Cabanganan (the SSC President) stated, that energy is one of the problems in the province but many have not realized it and a lot of energy is not properly used and wasted. He cited some such as solar, wind, sea, ocean or tidal current of which combination of the principles of these energy resources can very well work in the province. “Wind in it self can be utilized to pump water instead of electricity,” he cited.

Giving his all-out support to the campaign, SSC President Dr. Dominador Q. Cabanganan said past and present efforts of the school has been in line with the energy conservation program of the government as he cited its proposal for the establishment of an Energy R & D Center in Siquijor which will cost some five million pesos, among their other undertakings.

As if echoing President Arroyo’s call, the College President also encouraged his staff to conserve by doing away with those unnecessary electrical appliances and do the same to encourage other officials and employees to conserve electricity and fuel. By next month, the President wants all government offices to implement plans to replace all incandescent lamps and by September, all agencies shall convert 20 percent of their vehicles in major cities to liquid petroleum.

“Agencies shall install and/ or adopt other energy saving technology, with the help of the Department of Energy and/or the Department of Science and Technology,” the AO stated.

“Developing our local capabilities is very timely and will keep us abreast with the current trends in energy management.”

“Considering our present situation of soaring energy costs particularly in the province of Siquijor and the climate change which we are experiencing, I am pretty sure that this training is both timely and relevant Engr. de la Peña said

“I hope that what you will learn in this training will benefit your respective offices in our quest for energy conservation measures” he said.

Conserving Energy is one of the biggest challenges of our time.. Let’s face this challenge and start doing something now. Siquijor is on the right way…

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Negros Oriental Dive Professional

April 10th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The waters around Dumaguete are famous for their marine life. Apo Island is mentioned as one of the world’s top-dive sites and not only in South East Asia. The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (a leader in the zoo and aquarium profession for more than three-quarters of a century) used the reefs of Apo as a model and rebuild some parts of it for their own “Clownfish-City” in Illinois. Professional Underwater Photographers flock to Dumaguete to take their shots of the famous Mandarin fishes and all the other Critters in the Bohol Sea which is the official name of the ocean here in the Central Visayas.

Specifically in the area around the municipality of Dauin (15 km south of Dumaguete) are many well known beach and diving resorts who host international guests from all over the world to show them the best Scuba-diving around Negros Oriental. Dauin has 8 marine sanctuaries and is also the departure point for dive-trips to the surrounding islands like Apo, Sumilon, Siquijor and Balicasag Island.

Most of the Instructors and Dive-Master in this region are Dumaguetenios, some with thousands of dives under their belts, and know the reefs here like the back of their hand. They are one of the main-reasons why most of the guests leave Dumaguete with the promise to return.

On March 27th, 2008 many of them met at the Waterfront Café at the Boulevard in Dumaguete to found a new Association: The NEGROS ORIENTAL DIVE PROFESSIONAL The members are all diving and tourism related and work in different resorts and positions. Diveshop owners, tour operators, freelancing dive-masters and instructors as well as employees of dive resorts founded this association to work together for the benefit of the local diving-tourism.

The goal of the NDP is to work hand in hand with the officials of the region to secure the success of “Diving in Negros”. The first public appearance of the Negros Oriental Dive Professional  will be at a regional meeting in Dauin where their goal is to provide a better solution and give suggestions for a better system regarding all different, sometimes unpredictable fees and regulations for diving in and around Dumaguete.

Future goals include conservation projects in a joint venture with different marine biologists and universities as well as the operation of a recompression chamber in Negros Oriental.

Diving in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental is one of the best of its kind in the Philippines and South East Asia. The Negros Oriental Dive Professional want to ensure that it will stay like that and even improve its status worldwide.

The Dumaguete Info team wishes the Negros Oriental Dive Professional good success for their goals and projects.

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Michael K Feeney – Who is Who in Dumaguete

April 7th, 2008 · 14 Comments

Michael K Feeney 

Mike Adventure DiveshopMike is a sunnyboy from California with a friendly helpfull attitude. It is hard to get a quiet moment with him to talk about that small interview as he usually busy with taking  care of everything around him including the peanut vendors at the boulevard in Dumaguete. If you don’t see him running around his Adventure Diveshop and the Waterfront-Cafe with JM (his son) on his arms he is most likely under water or on the construction site of his property in Dauin. His favourite food is obviously BBQ and Mexican style what reflects on the menu of his small restaurant. The Chicken Burritos are my favourite and as the beer is the coldest San Miguel in whole Dumaguete it is easy to spend some hours there.  Who ever met that guy in Dumaguete wonders where he gets the energy to do all that stuff and still having that great attitude. Enjoy his honest answers and don’t miss out on meeting Mike when you are around in Dumaguete…

10 Questions

What is your full Name ?
Michael K Feeney
Are you married /Kids (if yes how many, boy/girl, age)
Finally got married in Dec 2007, after 4 years living together and 1.5 kids it seemed like a good time to put away the fear and take the plunge.
3 kids, 22 year old boy, 5 year old girl, 1 year old son and a baby girl on the way. She is due in June.

What is your occupation?
Retired conductor for the Canadian National Railroad, 8 years. Retired farmer, 18 years growing wine grapes in  Sonoma County Calif. All that retirement…… We now have a small dive shop (Adventurediveshop) and the Waterfront-Café on the Boulevard in Dumaguete. I feel more retarded than retired, I sometimes work harder now than ever before.

How long and why are you in Dumaguete?
I’ve been in Dumaguete for 4 years or has it been a lifetime????
Fate brought me here. A friend in the US is married to a girl from Dumaguete. After listening  to him rave about the Philippines and Dumaguete  I decided I better have a look. Well, the rest as they say is history.
I met my wife within a few days of my arrival. I also met a great group of locals, the circle of friends just kept growing as did the realization that this place just might be the spot to spend the rest of my days….

What do you like about Dumaguete ?
Mike at the Waterfront CafeDumaguete for me is an amazing place of contrast. From Apo Island or a cool mountain water fall to the mall. From a college coffee shop, talking politics or world affairs to a mountain roadside sari-sari talking about NPA or farming or life span of a caribou. Strolling the boulevard on a quiet night or navigating the insanity of the tricycle choked streets surrounding the market. The concrete lined cesspool called a river running through Dumaguete…. Well I think you get my point. But mostly I like the people…. And the lifestyle

What would you like to change in Dumaguete?
Flat out …… the traffic!!!!!!! I hate tricycles,  that is unless I need one. It’s not unique to Dumaguete but if I let it get to me………………..  F#*k      Where’s my gun?????

What was the best experience in your life?
So many wonderful experiences in life…. But of course the best have been and will be the birth of my children… Nothing comes close to that moment that that slimy little thing enters your arms for the first time. After that it’s all down hill…
The next best moment in my life was the day I told myself and the owner of the company I managed that I was done!!!!! No more work for me and not yet 50 yeas old. It felt like the 30 year prison term was finished.     Mmmmm, what did I say about retirement earlier?????

What are your plans for the future ?
Well, now that I’m retired….. I’m gonna slow down and relax more, right??? Well not just yet . We have some property in Dauin that we are just beginning to develop into a small 8-10 room resort and dive shop. Now I just dream about the day that I can lay in my beachside, coconut tree supported hammock, with a cup of coffee and a good book and watch the boat load of divers sail away to Apo Island.

If you can say 2 sentences daily to 1.500 people from all over the world, WHAT would you tell them ?
I would have to say that with everything that I’ve done and everywhere I’ve been, all the experiences good and bad in my life there is one thing that I’ve come to realize, and that is that life is short. I’ve lost brothers, father, friends and more. Some in the prime of life others at the end. Either way life is precious and oh so short.
Don’t wait to do the things you want, go for your dreams. This is not a dress rehearsal. Tomorrow could be the last day for any of us…….. Embrace the positive, seize the moment !

Would you do something different in your life if you have the chance ?
At the end of the day, when we are reflecting on our lives, I don’t think that the number of cars or houses we owned will matter much. I don’t think that the amount of money in the bank will be too comforting. I think that in our final moments, given the chance  we will be thinking about the people in our lives. Our loved ones, all the relationships we had, all the good things we did and the positive influence we had on people. But also we will think about the people we used, hurt or mistreated. I’ve been no angel in my life.
If I could do anything different,  it would been to deal differently with the people that I’ve treated poorly or much worse. Since we can’t change the past, we can only work on the future.

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Irwin Ramas-Uypitching – Who is Who in Dumaguete?

February 15th, 2008 · 13 Comments

Irwin N. Ramas-Uypitching


 A bright smile and friendly personality was the first thing I recognized when I met Irwin at Hotel Palwa for this short interview. As part of a well known successful business-family he is covered with work, but it is obvious that he enjoys his busy days. If you can’t find him during daytime at RUSCO Motors (a sister company of RUSI and duplamilco) , he is probably on his way to his brother Adam to support him in the Hotel or visit the piggery. Irwin is a God fearing young man who keeps himself fit and healthy with a lot of sports. Before going to work he is biking and in the afternoon you can see him jogging at the grand stand or around Freedom Park. Every Sunday he practice Motorcross racing. Just after our short Interview he left for Bayawan City with his Team where practice for Sundays race.
Good luck…

10 Questions

What Is your full Name ?
Irwin N. Ramas-Uypitching

Are you married /Kids (if yes how many, boy/girl, age)
single, 27 years

What is your occupation?
businessman: vehicle retailing, financing, hotel business, piggery farming

How long and why are you in Dumaguete?
I am in Dumaguete City since birth.

What do you like about Dumaguete ? Irwin bike
I like Dumaguete and the province of Negros Oriental to develop and grow economically ( specifically in the tourism sector) without polluting, ruining and destroying the beauty of its natural resources so it could contunue to lure more tourists in the island. tourist=good business=growth of economy. Of course as the city grows, i hope that the peace and order and life pace will remain positive and good.

What was the best experience in your life?
All that happend in my life since birth until present is the best experience that i have undergone and i thank God for my life.

What are your plans for the future ?
God willing, my dreams, plans and objectives is to make the family business legacy grow, develop and remain competitive, open for diversification inclined to tourism..

If you can say 2 sentences to 1.500 people from all over the world, WHAT would you tell them ?
Men are like grass and flowers in the field, grass withers and flowers fall but the word of God endures forever.

Would you do something different in your life if you have the chance ?
Yes, promote eco-academic tourism. Share God’s word and gospel.

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Philip A. Domen – Who is who in Dumaguete?

February 9th, 2008 · 7 Comments

Philip A. Domen. 

philipWe met Philip some years ago when he was performing with his guitar on the acoustic evening in Coco Amigos. His warm voice, precise playing and feeling for the music impressed us right away.  It seems his repertoire and music knowledge is endless. I remember that we requested a song he could not play right away, but he figured it out between his sets, came back on stage and did a great performance.

At present you can listen to him:
Tuesday :   Annabell Jean
Wednesday:  Devlin Restobar
Thursday:   Coco Amigos
Friday:   La Cavitena
Philipps can be booked for your private parties. If you are interested in booking this great performer just drop a line to

10 Questions

What Is your full Name ?
Philip A. Domen.

Are you married /Kids (if yes how many, boy/girl, age

Married, 1 boy (20) 1 girl (18).

What is your occupation?
Acoustic guitar performer.

How long and why are you in Dumaguete?
15 years, family.

What do you like about Dumaguete ?
Peaceful, simple living, gentle people.

What would you like to change in Dumaguete?
Traffic regulation, build some small factories to employ people.

What was the best experience in your life?
When the mother of my Kids visit me in December 2004.

What are your plans for the future ?
Be a successful acoustic composer/artist, with my own CD and live a peaceful life.

If you can say 2 sentences to 1.500 people from all over the world, WHAT would you tell them ?
Don’t miss the chance to see me when you are in Dumaguete, your support helps me for my future plans.

would you do something different in your life if you have the chance ?
Maybe, but I am a simple happy man.

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Diversion Road Will Help Ease Traffic in Dumaguete

January 28th, 2008 · 3 Comments

The City Government of Dumaguete will spearhead the construction of a diversion road which is reportedly worth over P200 million as a means to ease traffic in the city. This was bared by no less than Mayor Agustin Perdices.

According to the mayor, the City Planning Office is currently doing on a survey to point out the persons who will be greatly hit by the ambitious project. An initial budget of P2.5 million was allocated for this activity as well as for acquiring and processing of the right of way.

However, Mayor Perdices did not indicate when the survey will be accomplished but he gave an assurance that the beginning and expansion of the road will kick off this year.

Once completed, the diversion road, which covers a six-kilometer stretch, will connect the Western region of Dumaguete to the northern region of the town of Bacong as well as to the southwestern tip of Sibuyan municipality. He bared that some vehicles particularly cargo trucks will no longer be allowed to enter the major roads of Dumaguete and will be directed to take the diversion road.

The honorable mayor insisted that this project is important in making commerce and industry accessible. Likewise, Bacong Mayor Lenin Alviola and Sibulan Mayor Antonio Renacia lauded the project because it will fast track the development of their regions.

Local leaders such as Gov. Emilio Macias II and solons from the 2nd and 3rd districts of Negros Oriental namely George Arnaiz and Pryde Henry Teves have promised to provide monetary assistance.

In related news, Rep. George Arnaiz of the 2nd District of Negros Oriental allotted P70 million as capital for concreting of roads in his area. He is offering the money because of the growing traffic menace in Dumaguete and surrounding areas. In fact, he is even pushing for

The solon pointed out that one of the many reasons why traffic in the city is growing is because of the narrow roads in the main arteries of the city, which according to him can be widened.

Rep. Arnaiz said that widening and concreting of roads is important in enhancing tourism and attracting visitors to the province. Recently, Negros Oriental was adjudged by the International Islands Magazine as among the world’s top places to reside.

He said that 70 percent of his pork barrel will serve as funds for infrastructure while the remaining 30 percent will go to other projects.

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