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110th Silliman Founders Day 2011 – Schedule of Events

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Under the theme  “A Mighty Fortress is our God” the whole City of Dumaguete celebrates the 110th Founderday of Silliman University. Alumni from all over the world coming specially for this event yearly to Dumaguete. An extensive Schedule of Event offers not only celebration – events but the chances to join many Seminars.

Of course the evening hours are reserved for parties, where the Oldies show the Youngsters that they did not forget to party.

110th Silliman Founders Day 2011 – Schedule of Events

August 6, Sunday

5am: Silliman Run 2011 – Run to Educate, Assembly: Hibbard Avenue Gates of Knowledge

9:30am: FD 2011 Opening Worship,Preacher: Rev. Jonathan Pia, Silliman University Church

5pm-7:30pm: 65th Ms Silliman Press Launch, Robinson’s Place

August 12, Friday

10am-12noon: General Integrative Lectures with Hon. Juanita Amatong and former Finance Secretary Margarito Teves, Luce Auditorium

1:30pm-5pm: Coral Triangle – Partnership for International Research and Education (CT-PIRE) Mini Symposium, Audio-Visual Theater 1 (AVT1), Instructional Media & Technology Center (IMTC)

August 13, Saturday

3pm – 8pm: Matinee Hayag: SU Kahayag Dance Troupe 50th Foundation Anniversary Celebration (8pm – Season Passes Honored), Luce Auditorium

August 14, Sunday

6am: Bike for Silliman 2011, SU East Quadrangle to Camp Lookout, SU Association of Biking Enthusiasts

August 15, Monday

9am: Book Launch of In Samarkand by Cesar Ruiz Aquino, Silliman Library Exhibition Hall

10am: The Albert Faurot Lecture and Workshop Series: A Writer’s Talk with Cesar Ruiz Aquino AVT1, IMTC, Alumni College, Dept of English & Literature

August 16, Tuesday

SUHS 1961 Afternoon Tour of Valencia followed by Dinner, Valencia; Bugeya Residence, SUHS 61 Dumaguete Residents

August 16, Tuesday

5:30pm: Book Launch of Beautiful Accidents and Heartbreak and Magic by Ian Rosales Casocot + Hersley Ven Casero?s Uncommon Ordinary Magic Exhibit (Exhibit runs August 16-20), Luce Auditorium Foyer Gallery, Alumni College, Dept of English & Literature, CAC

August 17, Wednesday

8am: Seminar-Workshop on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by  John Roberts, Roble Hall, SU College of Nursing (SUCN)

7pm: Talumpati ng Taon 2011, Luce Auditorium, Dept of Filipino & Foreign Lang.

August 17-18 Wed-Thurs

SUHS 1961 Two-Day Trip to Bohol, Bohol, SUHS 1961

August 18, Thursday

9am: Book Launch of Folk Poetry of Southern Leyte by the family of Placida Go-Saga, Silliman Library, Alumni College, English &Lit Dept.

10am: Pinoy Solutions to Corruption by Sen. Teofisto Guingona, Jr. and Prof. Leonor M. Briones, Luce Auditorium, Integrative Lectures Committee; History & Political Science Department

7pm: Himig at Indak ng Mga Kabataang Pinoy: Gabi ng Kultura (Part I): Sayawit, Sabayang Pagbigkas, Paligsahan sa Duet, Silliman Hall, Dept of Filipino & Foreign Lang.

August 19-20, Friday and Saturday

8am-12noon and 1pm-6pm: 110th SU Founders Day G-League Swim Meet Series, Shaw Memorial Pool

August 19, Friday

7pm: Himig at Indak ng Mga Kabataang Pinoy: Gabi ng Kultura (Part II): Balagtasan, Harana, Acoustic, Silliman Hall, Dept of Filipino & Foreign Lang.

August 19, Friday

8pm: Season Passes Honored, Loga: Rhythm-A Musical Journey with the BEREA Guitar Ensemble in Concert featuring  Joseph Mirandilla, Luce Auditorium, Cultural Affairs Committee

August 20, Saturday

9-11am: The Albert Faurot Lecture & Workshop Series: A Guitar Workshop with BEREA Guitar Ensemble’s Joseph Mirandilla, COPVA Music Sala, COPVA

August 20, Saturday

3pm Matinee: Loga: Rhythm-A Musical Journey with the BEREA Guitar Ensemble in Concert featuring  Joseph Mirandilla, Luce Auditorium, Cultural Affairs Committee

August 20, Saturday

8am-5pm: BSN 1971 Ruby Anniversary Balik Talent Lectures, Luce Auditorium, Alumni College, SUCN

August 21, Sunday

10am: SUHS 1981 Family Fun Day, Jing Chan’s Beach House, Cangmating, Sibulan, SUHS 1981

SUHS 1961 Picnic, Cangmating, Sibulan, SUHS 1961

4pm: WORSHIP Through MUSIC, Silliman University Church 95th Anniversary Vesper Service, Silliman University Church, SU Church Ministry, SU Church Council, Heritage Choir

5pm: Merienda Cena, Silliman University Church 95th Anniversary Fellowship & Launching of the Silliman Church Centennial, Silliman University Church Grounds, 95th Silliman Church Anniversary Committee

6pm: Opening of HIBALAG Booth Festival, Jose & Sofia Ravello Field, SU Student Government

August 22-28: Open House, Robert & Metta Silliman Library, Silliman Library

August 22, Monday

SUHS 1961 Tree Planting in Palinpinon and Memorial Service in Malabu, Valencia, SU Property, Palinpinon; Malabu, Valencia, SUHS 1961

9am: SU College of Nursing Alumni Association General Assembly, Roble Hall, SUCN Alumni Association; SUCN

2pm: Blessing of the Silliman University DNA & Forensic Laboratory, Villareal Hall, College of Law

6:30pm-12 midnight: SUCNAA Alumni Homecoming, Bethel Guesthouse, SUCNAA, SUCN

August 23, Tuesday

9am-12pm: Updates and Demonstration on Neonatology Care by Dr. Rose Mila Cipres-Jaucian, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR), IMTC, Alumni College

10am: Dedication & Turnover of Dr. Pedro V. Flores Memorabilia, Silliman Library, 2nd Floor, Silliman Library

10am: CMC Academic Convocation, Speaker: Mr. Bobby Timonera, Philippine Daily Inquirer, MPR, IMTC, College of Mass Communication

SUHS 1961 Trip to Balanan Mountain Resort, Siaton, SUHS 1961

2-5pm: Open House, Men’s Dorms, Dormitory Management, Council (DMC)

5pm: Launching of the College of Arts & Sciences 75th Anniversary (Diamond Year) with the theme: CAS at 75?Crossing Disciplinal Boundaries with FIRE; Speaker: Former Dean of CAS Dr. Gerardo Maxino, Luz U. Ausejo Hall, College of Arts and Sciences Founders Day Committee

August 24, Wednesday

6:30am-8am: Open Breakfast with Visiting Alumni, University House, Office of the President

August 24-26 Wednesday – Friday

8am-6pm: ARCHERY Invitational Games, Dionisio Flores Archery Range, Athletics, P.E. Department

9am-12nn: Psychology Annual Balik-Talent Lecture Series  on F.I.R.E. with  Calvin R. Genotiva ‘79 (Faith),   Marijoy Oñate-Gaduyon ‘92 (Instruction),   Marshaley Baquiano ’93 (Research),   Deborah C. Salem ’81 (Extension-SL), Dioscoro Rabor Lecture Hall (SC 110), Department of Psychology; SU Psychology Alumni Association

August 24, Wednesday

SUHS 1961 Outreach Program, Pediatrics Ward Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital, SUHS 1961

9am-12nn and 2-5pm: Open House, Physics Department, SC 331, SC 342, SC 344, SC 346, Physics Dep.

9am-12nn: Open House, Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences, Practicum Rm 1 Angelo King Hall, Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences (IRS)

2-3pm: The Physical Therapist as a Researcher Balik Talent Lecture by Jasmin C. Tan-Acebu, PTRP, Lecture Rm 1 & 2,  A. King Hall,IRS

2-5pm: Open House, Women’s Dorms, DMC

3-4pm: IRS Devotion & Thanksgiving with Rev. Bernadette A. Morales, Lecture Rm 1 & 2,  A. King Hall, IRS

4-5pm: SU Physical Therapy Grand Alumni Homecoming 2011, Lecture Rm 1 & 2,  A. King Hall, IRS

6:30pm: SU MedTech 1975 & 1976 Welcome Dinner, Café Laguna, Medical Technology Alumni 1975 & 1976

7pm: Midweek Service, SU Church, SU Men’s Glee Club

7pm: SUHS 1956 Formal Dinner, Uy Residence, Piapi, SUHS 1956

7pm: SUHS 1976 Welcome Dinner,Teves Res., Cangmating, SUHS 1976

7pm: SUHS 1981 Retro Dinner Party, El Camino Blanco, SUHS 1981

August 25, Thursday

5am: Assembly SU MedTech 1975 & 1976 Whale Watching, Hotel Nicanor (assembly), SU MedTech 1975 & 1976

6:30am-8am: Open Breakfast with Visiting Alumni, University House, Office of the President

8am-5pm: Silliman RHOANS 45th Anniversary and Reunion, Silliman Hall, SU RHOANS

SUHS 1961 Day Trip to Siquijor, Siquijor, SUHS 1961

August 25-26 SUCN 1961 & 1962 Bohol Tour, Bohol, SUCN 1961 & 1962

August 25, Thursday

8am-12noon: Soccer, School of Basic Education (Boys and Girls), Filomeno Cimafranca Field, Athletics, P.E. Department

8am-3pm: Kids Fair, SU Elementary School, SU SBE Elementary Department

8:30am-1pm: Psychology 1986 Alumni Homecoming: Registration, Memorial Service, Lunch Fellowship, SU Cafeteria Skyroom, SU Psychology 1986 Alumni

9am: Book Launch of Whole Brain Literacy, by Perla Rizalina M. Tayko & Marina L. Reyes-Talmo, MPR, IMTC, Alumni College and College of Education

9am: Formal Presentation of the Josefa del Carmen Endowment Scholarship Fund, MBA Presentation Room, CBA; Office of Student Affairs Scholarship Division

10am: Annual SULAW Convention, Speaker: Justice Roberto A. Abad, Supreme Court of the Philippines, Luce Auditorium, College of Law

10am: Memorial Tribute to Albert Faurot,  Udarbe Memory Chapel, SU Men’s Glee Club, Berneval Montes

10am: Dedication of ILO Knowledge Corner and Signing of Memorandum of Agreement, Silliman Library

11am: SUHS 1981 Gives Back, Silaw sa Kaugmaon Foundation, SUHS 1981

12noon: SUHS 1981 Lunch, Aroma Beach, Manjuyod, SUHS 1981

1:30pm: Soccer (Women): SU vs University of St LaSalle, Cimafranca Field, Athletics, P.E. Department

2pm: Balik-High School Reunion and Fellowship,  all homecoming batches, High School Grounds, Alumni Affairs, SBE-High School

2pm: Pathways to Education and Decent Work for the Youth – Lecture by Lawrence Jeff Johnson, Director, International Labor Org. Country Office for the Philippines, Silliman Library, SU Library, College of Education

3pm: Soccer (Men): SU vs University of St LaSalle, Cimafranca Field, Athletics, P.E. Department

3pm: Lecture of Tony Oposa, MBA Presentation Room, Biology Department, Mirasol Magbanua

4pm: Naming of Quintin S. Doromal Agriculture Academic Complex and Memorial tribute to Quintin and Pearl Doromal, Scheide Farm, Naming Committee, SU College of Agriculture

4pm-10pm: NO-CABS (Negros Oriental Custom Automobile and Bike Show), CBA Parking Lot, CBA

4:30pm: Soccer (Men): SU Alumni vs NORFA, Cimafranca Field, Athletics, P.E. Department

5pm: SU MedTech 1975 & 1976 Overnight Reunion Party, Bulandres Res., Candau-ay, MedTech 1975 & 1976 Alumni

5pm: SAAI Regular Board of Directors Meeting, Alumni Hall Conference Room, SAAI

6pm: SUHS 1991 Formal Dinner, South Seas Resort, SUHS 1991

6:30pm: SU Psychology 1986 Welcome Dinner and Fellowship, Piñero Residence, SU Psychology 1986

7pm: SUHS 1976 Dinner Disco, Lacsican Residence, SUHS 1976

7pm: SU Men’s Glee Club Fellowship Night, Fire House Café, SUMGC Batch 1986

7pm: Ms Silliman Pageant, Macias Sports Complex, SUSG

August 26, Friday Silliman Aces & Lilies 55th Grand Reunion

5:30am: Sunrise Service

11am: Sportsfest

7pm: Fellowship Night

6:30am-8am: Open Breakfast with Visiting Alumni, University House, Office of the President

7am: Naming of Dr. Jose S. Garcia Hall, SUMC Main Building, Naming Committee, SUMCFI

7am: Walk Live with Cathy Carballo, BMC 1999, East Quadrangle, Silliman Alumni, Dumaguete Chapter; Journalism/MassCom Alumni Association

SUHS 1976 Family Day, Dao, Amlan, SUHS 1976

8am-12noon: Soccer: School of Basic Education, Cimafranca Field, Athletics, P.E. Department

August 26-27, Friday-Saturday

11th National Congress of FRATERNITAS SCINTILLA LEGIS, Negros Oriental Convention Center, Silliman University College of Law (Host)

August 26, Friday

SUHS 1956 Picnic, Maxino Beach House, SUHS 1956

August 26,   Friday – Balik-Talent Lecture Series:

8:00AM Quality Management
9:00AM Concrete Structures
10:00AM Alternative Path
11:00AM PCAB Registration and Licensing Process, Tips on how to pass for Job interview Cicero Calderon Hall, EB 30,Alumni College, College of Engineering & Design

August 26,Friday

8am Registration for Edith Carson Hall residents Grand Reunion
10am Memorial/Thanksgiving Service
12noon Luncheon
2pm Games
6pm Fellowship/Fun Night
Edith Carson Hall grounds, Edith Carson Hall management,ECH Alumni

August 27, Saturday

8:30am-10am: Advances in Cell Based Assay Technology: A Glow in the Dark – Lecture by Dr. Oscar Monera, Rabor Lecture Room (SC110), Alumni College; Chemistry Department

9am: Naming of Paul and Edna Lauby Hall, Early Childhood Building, Naming Com., School of Basic Education, Early Childhood Dept

10am: Eminent Persons Lecture Series presents Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn on Environmental Governance, Luce Auditorium, Eminent Persons/ Eminent Artists Committee

10am-12noon: Medical Technology in the Digital Age : New Technology, Old Values ? A Talk by Prof. Florita Maslog, AVT1, IMTC, Alumni College; Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

10am-12noon: Managing a Multi-Culturally Diverse Work Environment ? Lecture by Ms. Nancy Comedoy, MPR, IMTC, CBA

11:30am: Physics Alumni Homecoming and Luncheon, Physics Dept., Science Complex, Physics Department

12noon: SU Civil Engineering 1986 Luncheon Fellowship, Engineering Conference Room, SUCE 1986 Alumni

1:30pm-3pm: Exploring New Paradigms in Coconut Oil, R & D – A lecture by Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit, Dean, School of Science and Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University, Dioscoro Rabor Lecture Room (SC110), Chemistry Department, Office of Instruction

2pm: Annual Silliman University Alumni Convention, Moot Court, Villareal Hall,SAAI,

2pm: Journalism/MassCom Alumni Homecoming, Com Rm 3, CMC, Guy Hall, College of Mass Communication,

2-4pm: Hugyaw sa Buwan ng Wika Para sa PWD, AVT1, IMTC, GP Rehab, IMTC,

3pm: All University Cheering Competition, Macias Sports Complex, SUSG

3pm: Soccer (Men): SU Varsity vs NORFA, Cimafranca Field, Athletics, P.E. Department,

3pm: SUES Grand Alumni Homecoming and Open House, SU Elementary School, SU SBE, Elementary Department

3pm: Recognition of Heritage Builders, Silliman Hall, East Lawn, Human Resource & Development Office

4pm: Painit Sillimaniana, University House, FD Execom, SU Cafeteria

4:30pm: Soccer: SU Alumni vs USLS, Cimafranca Field, Athletics, P.E. Department

5pm: SUHS 1991 Sizzling Red Party, El Camino Blanco, SUHS ‘91

6pm: SUHS 1996 Formal Dinner, Tierra Alta, Assembly at Lab-as, SUHS 1996, Aicon Badrina

6pm: Psychology Alumni Homecoming Dinner and Fellowship, Café Antonio, Spanish Heritage, Psychology Alumni Association

7pm: SUHS 1981 Formal Dinner, LIKHA Convention Hall, SUHS 1981

8pm: Season Passes NOT HONORED, Silliman Performs: A Command Performance in 11 Vignettes Featuring the Silliman University Gratitude and Goodwill Ambassadors (SUGGA), Luce Auditorium, COPVA, CAC

6:30am-8am: Open Breakfast with Visiting Alumni, University House, Office of the President

6:30am: Molave Cottage Alumni Homecoming 2011, Molave Cottage and MONAPIL Grounds, Molave Cottage Alumni

7am: Pass in Review Honoring 2011 OSA, SU BOT Chair, and SU President, Cimafranca Field, ROTC

8am: Naming of Agustin A. Pulido Hall, Fronting Vernon Hall, Naming Committee

9am: Meeting of the SU Board of Trustees, SU Board Room, SU President’s Office

9am: SUHS 1976 Memorial Service, Udarbe Memory Chapel, SUHS 1976

9am: SU Civil Engineering Alumni Assn & SU Engineering Alumni Assn General Assembly (Fellowship at 12noon), Cicero Calderon Hall, EB 30, College of Engineering & Design

2pm: (1pm assembly), Parada Sillimaniana, City Streets, Assembly at SU Campus, HRD Office, ROTC, CWTS, COPVA

5pm: SUHS 1976 Refreshment, Bulado Residence, SUHS 1976

6pm: Luce Auditorium Corps of Ushers and Usherettes (LACUU) Reunion, Luce Auditorium, Lobby, LACUU

7pm: SUHS 1976 Class Dinner, South Seas Resort Hotel, SUHS 1976

7pm: History & Political Science Alumni Reunion and Homecoming, Palm & Pines, Daro, History & Political Science Department

7pm: SU Medical Technology Interns (SUMTI) 1986 Formal Dinner, Rosario Residence, SU MedTech Interns 1986, Ray & Connie Rosario

7pm: SUCN Class 1961 & Class 1962 Dinner, Ramas Uypitching Residence, SUCN 1961 & 1962

7pm: Dinner with BMC Batch ’91-’93, Gravador Residence, BMC 1991-1993

7pm: SUHS 1961 Jam Session, Diana Banogon-Bugeya Res., SUHS 1961

9pm: SUHS 1996 Fellowship-Get Together, Hayahay Restobar, SUHS 1996

August 28, Sunday

5am: FD Sunrise Service, Preacher: Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, Amphitheater, USLC, Church Ministry

8am-2pm: SU Medical Technology Interns 1986 Family Day, Tam Beach Resort, Amlan, SU MedTech Interns 1986

9am-3pm: SUHS 1991 Family Beach Party, Coco Villa, SUHS 1991

9am: FD Worship Service, Preacher: Dr. Gideon Z. Alegado, SU Church, SU Church Ministry

10:30am: Outstanding Sillimanian Awarding Ceremony, 2011 Outstanding Sillimanian Awardees

12noon: OSA Luncheon, Silliman Hall, FD Execom, SU Cafeteria

12noon: SUCN 1961 & 1962 Luncheon, Rabor Residence, SUCN 1961 & 1962

12noon: SUHS 1976 Lunch, Co Residence, Bacong, SUHS 1976

2pm: SUHS 1976 Orphanage Visit/Donation, Friendship Home, Valencia, SUHS 1976

2:30pm: Unveiling of the Highest Honors Tablet, Silliman Library, College of Law, Salonga Law Center

3pm: Soft Launch of Student Center and OSA Dean?s Office, Oriental Hall, OSA, OIA, SUACONA

3:30pm: Blessing of the Sixto Guanzon Conference and Presentation Room, Salonga Law Center, Salonga Law Center, College of Law

2pm: Opening of 50th Church Workers Convocation, Silliman University Church, Divinity School

4pm: Turnover of SUMTI 1986 Donation to Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (ICLS), ICLS, A. King Hall, SUMTI 1986

5pm-6:30pm: Tayada sa Plaza, Quezon Park, Dept of Filipino & Foreign Lang.

6pm: TIPON 2011, East Quadrangle, Alumni Affairs, SAAI

8am-5pm: ALAGAD 2011, East Quadrangle, Office of Extension, College of Nursing

August 29, Monday

SUHS 1976 Family Picnic, Bacong Beachhouse, SUHS 1976

SUCN 1961 & 1962 Lunch & Tour of the Shrine of Mary, Jo’s By the Sea, SUCN 1961 & 1962

8pm: Closing of HIBALAG Booth Festival, Ravello Field, SUSG

August 30, Tuesday

SUHS 1976 Medical/Dental/Feeding Program, Marian Hall, Cathedral, SUHS 1976

12noon: SUCN 1961 & 1962 Lunch, Roño Residence, SUCN 1961 & 1962

6pm: Closing of 50th Church Workers Convocation, SU Gymnasium, Divinity School

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