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The Philippines offers several exciting tourist destinations and one of the best is Bohol. Bohol is an island province that lies at the heart of the Visayas region. Its main attractions include crystal springs, beaches, and the famous Chocolate Hills. If you are interested in aquatic sports, such as swimming, kayaking and scuba diving, Bohol is the ideal place for you. At the same time, this island province also caters to those of you who are interested in cruising or in simply admiring nature. A vacation in Bohol is not only enjoyable, it is also educational. You will not only witness its unpolluted waters, you will also have the opportunity to see the rarest shells in the world, including the Golden Cowrie.

Where to Stay

You need not worry about a place to stay in Bohol because there are several hotels and resorts situated in this island province. One of these is Bohol Beach Club, which is recognized as one of the best hotels in the Central Visayas Region. You may choose to stay here if you want a place near historical sites, such as the Baclayon Church and the Hinagdanan Cave.

If you are looking for such amenities as tennis courts, diving centers, and fishing centers, an exclusive deluxe resort such as the Flushing Meadows Resort & Playground may be the right place for you. It is situated in Panglao Island and offers the ultimate tropical paradise experience.

We recommend Amarela Panglao Bohol boutique resort if you are particular about the interior decoration of the place where you plan to stay. Also situated in Panglao Island, its design features wooden doors, old hardwood floors, antique furniture, and paintings. It offers a spectacular view of the Bohol Sea and its neighboring islands.

If you plan to stay in villas, Alona Palm Beach Resort & Restaurant has some very nice ones. Its villas are elegantly furnished, its amenities include recreational facilities, and it has a restaurant that serves local and international dishes.

For those of you who are traveling for business purposes, we highly recommend Metro Centre Hotel. Located in Tagbilaran City, it features amenities and facilities that mainly cater to business travelers, including national and international telephone lines, and Internet access.

The above-mentioned hotels and resorts are not the only places to choose from. There are more places where travelers like you can stay, including Panglao Island Nature Resort, Bohol Tropics Resort, and Amorita Resort.

Prices of hotel rooms, villas, and cottages range from US$30 to US$160. Whichever hotel or resort you decide to choose, we guarantee you that your stay will be worth every penny.

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