Canlaon City: Waterfalls of Mt. Kanlaon

Quipot Waterfalls

The City of Canlaon is home to many waterfalls, the most popular of them are the Quipot Falls and the two waterfalls of Sudlon. Because of the mountain ranges that compose the geographical landscape of Canlaon City beginning with the world renowned Mt. Kanlaon, water spilling from the elevations and cascading down to the mountain rivers naturally become its tributaries.

Quipot Falls. Quipot Falls takes the shape of a bottle and drops down from a hundred meter elevation before it plunges into a deep water basin that is suitable for swimming, boating and fishing. Solid but uneven rock formations provide as a backdrop for its wide cascade. It has three tributary rivers – Binalbagan, Malaiba and Linothangan — whose waters incessantly converge to bestow Quipot Falls with ample gushing water supply.

Located just 5 kilometres from the Canlaon City proper, Quipot Falls is one of the tourist attractions in the city that has brought in many enthusiasts travelling from all parts of the country and the world. The waterfall is enveloped with tropical plants and trees that also provide a habitat for wildlife.

Sudlon Waterfalls

Two waterfalls of Sudlon. Sudlon One and Sudlon Two are two separate waterfalls with a distance of 120 meters between them. It is found in the secluded northeastern part of Mt. Kanlaon, 6 meters from the city proper. These two waterfalls are bounded by two hills which makes the trek more intriguing. One has to clamber over rocks and vegetation to be able to reach the falls and once there, be enthralled by its pure and natural beauty.

Sudlon Waterfalls tumbles over rocks from a 25 meter height and falls into a deep water cauldron, making it also ideal for swimming, boating and fishing. Photography buffs will also find it an absorbing form of recreation because of the countless scenic views it provides. Canopied forests, an occasional wild orchid or a rare insect resting on a leaf are among the many picture perfect moments. The clatter of wildlife is another tribute to nature especially when only heard but not seen.

How to get to the Waterfalls of Mt. Kanlaon

From Dumaguete City, Canlaon might take up to 4 hours of driving. There are many agencies or groups in Dumaguete city that arrange for group excursions to the waterfalls. Total package cost would include transportation expenses (which they also set up for you), meals or snacks plus a knowledgeable tour guide.

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