There is an increasing demand for tourism in the Philippines in recent years. The country has conducted several nationwide searches for new and exciting places for tourists to visit among its 7,107 islands. It has earned a great respect from other countries worldwide for all the good things that it has given particularly in conserving its natural resources.

One of the newest rising travel destinations in the country today is the beautiful city of Sipalay in Negros Occidental. It boasts of its azure waters as well as a wide array of white sand beaches lying along its coasts. These beautiful Sipalay beaches would make sure that tourists have a good time during their visit in this city.

Recently, the Philippine government has launched a full-pledge effort to develop several resorts along the Sipalay beaches. As of the moment, there are already several world-class resorts available for tourists to enjoy and explore. The major beaches in Sipalay are the Punta Ballo Beach, the Sugar Beach, and the Campomanes Bay.

The Punta Ballo Beach is a kilometer-long white sand beach. This Sipalay beach features some of the best diving resorts in the city. These include the Easy Diving Resort and the Artistic Diving and Beach Resort. The azure waters of the Punta Ballo Beach would surely captivate the hearts of all the people who will visit this excellent place.

Lying next to the Punta Ballo Beach is the Sugar Beach. Starting from the town proper, this Sipalay beach can be reached by boat in only a few minutes. Most of the resorts in the Sugar Beach are owned by some Swiss, Filipino and German residents. This beach offers a wide range of outdoor water activities. This beach is called as such because the sand is somewhat sugar-like.

Meanwhile, the Campomanes Bay houses some of the best water sports in the city. Tourists can enjoy several water sports activities in this wonderful Sipalay beach. Some of the activities offered here include kayaking, jet-skiing and diving. The rich marine life of the Campomanes Bay makes this place excellent for diving.

The recent attention that was received by the city of Sipalay from the Philippine government shows the potential of this place in shaping the future of tourism in the province as well as in the entire country. It will also mark the development of several world-class resorts at these Sipalay beaches. This is nothing but good news for all its local residents, who would greatly benefit from the current developments.


The Sipalay beaches promise tourists a fun-filled experience which they will surely remember as long as they live. Sipalay is indeed a very attractive city. This fact as well as the hospitality of its people, guarantee that visitors and guests would definitely come back for more in the future.

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