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With a total number of 7,107 islands to boast under its name, the Philippines has been known as one of the best travel destinations all over the world. It consists of a very rich and diversified culture. The different provinces in this country each has something special to offer to visitors and guests. Because of this, tourists find the Philippines a very interesting place to visit and explore. Another wonderful thing about this country is the courteousness and unmatched hospitality of the people living there.

The Philippines is basically subdivided into three main islands. These islands are known as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Because of the wide range of wonderful and exotic places to visit in this country, it is very hard to notice the beautiful city of Sipalay. This city can be found in the province of Negros Occidental.

Sipalay is one of the best cities in the country which has a wide array of tourist spots to offer. This city played a major role for the Filipinos and their allies during World War II. This city served as an outpost for the guerillas which offered a very good vantage point against the Japanese.

The city of Sipalay is made up of seventeen beautiful and organized barangays including Camindangan, Mambaroto and San Jose. It also includes barangays Cartagena, Maricalum and Gil Montilla. As of the year 2000, the population of Sipalay is registered around 62,063 people.

Sipalay boasts some of the most beautiful hidden treasures of the country. These places are very nice to visit because of the little exposure it has received throughout the years. Some of the best travel spots frequently visited by tourists and other local visitors include the Maricalum Mines, the Campomanes Bay, and the Punta Ballo Beach.

The Maricalum Mines is a unique place to visit. According to sources, this area is once a very prosperous mining site. A community mostly made up of local miners once occupied this land. As an old mining excavation project, the Maricalum Mines now look like a huge lagoon. Tourists and visitors can look around and explore the area.

On the other hand, the Campomanes Bay is an area which is frequently visited by divers and other adventure-seekers. It features a wonderful coral garden as well as a view of the old warships that sunk within its waters during the World War II. These fascinating features make this place a must-stop for all fun-loving adventurers.

Meanwhile, the Punta Ballo Beach offers white sand beaches as well as azure waters that will surely mesmerize visitors. Here, tourists and guests can spend their day swimming under the hot rays of the sun. The area offers world-class dive sites.

The three sites mentioned above are just some of the best the city of Sipalay has to offer. The tourism in Sipalay is still quite young. However, it has already shown a lot of promise for the future of the province of Negros Occidental as well as for the country in general. Once visited, tourists and guests would surely come back for more in the future.

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