Easy Diving Beach Resort

The town of Sipalay is another symbol of the beauty of the Negros islands. Located four hours from Dumaguete, part of this town is outlined by the beautiful island coast. Hence, you can expect a breathtaking seaside view while relaxing on the beach. Of course, to fully enjoy the beach and its wonders, a few nights in the Easy Diving Beach Resort is probably worth it.

Sipalay is known for its fantastic diving sites. Mostly, these sites contain corals and shipwrecks that are under government protection. Luckily, the Easy Diving Beach Resort offers their visitors the opportunity to explore the sea’s aquatic resources. If ever you indeed plan to dive and have no background in this hobby, the resort will place you on a crash course as a requirement. Courses are held by licensed and local divers who have already mastered the dive sites within the vicinity. The diving sites are accessible within 5 minutes by riding a motorboat.

A tour within the vicinity of Sipalay is also offered by the Easy Diving Beach Resort. If you plan to explore the town and get acquainted with the local culture, a tour guide and transportation will be provided for you.

The Easy Diving Beach Resort also offers a diving safari that takes you outside of the Sipalay coast. A boat will be ushered to be at your service in a whole day. The boat will lead you to different dive spots around the areas of the Visayas and the Cagayan Islands. As the boat rides through the waves of Sulu Sea, remember that what you are about to witness is known to be one of the most beautiful dive spots in Asia.

Of course, let us not forget the accommodations offered by the Easy Diving Beach Resort. Accommodations include standard and deluxe rooms, each situated in separate bungalows. Each bungalow contains a balcony, and all of the bungalows are slightly elevated above the ground to enhance the view.

The restaurant in the Easy Diving Beach Resort serves its customers local Filipino and Western delicacies. The bar is open around late afternoon, serving a great variety of alcohol ranging from beer to cocktails. Be sure to unwind and feel the soft sea breeze, especially at nighttime.

To get to Sipalay, you can rent a private van or take public transport. Private vans are very expensive compared to local transport, but you will be sure to land to the resort directly. Local transport is way cheaper, but you will have to transfer into different buses and other modes of transportation.

Sipalay, even with its low-key profile among beach-lovers, is truly perfect for those who crave for the natural marine wonders beneath the sea. Aside from that, a visitor can be acquainted of the friendly and quiet local culture that is prevalent in this rural town. As you explore the beauty of the city, you might as well rest in the peaceful abodes of the Easy Diving Beach Resort.

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