MS Jojo Wreck Diving

MS Jojo Wreck in Sipalay

The Philippines has a very rich cultural and traditional background. It has survived some of the greatest wars that have taken place in the world. These experiences have transformed the country into one of the most interesting places to visit and explore.

At the peak of the World War II, the city of Sipalay played a very important role for the Philippines by serving as a vantage point for the local soldiers in spotting the foreign enemies. The waters of Sipalay also served as routes for transporting ammunitions to be used by the soldiers. However, some of these vessels failed to fulfill their mission and was taken down by the enemy forces. They ended up lying beneath the waters and becoming breeding grounds for the rich marine resources living within the area.

Meanwhile, some of the wrecks that can be found within the waters of Sipalay are not caused by the war. It may have sunk because of other reasons. Ship wrecks serve as an excellent place for underwater creatures to live and multiply. Despite the differences among these wrecks, they all share one thing in common. They all become great scenery for both divers and explorers to enjoy.

One of the several shipwrecks that can be found under the azure waters of Sipalay is the MS Jojo Wreck. Those who are in search for an excellent dive site can try this one. For sure, tourists and visitors will have a good time exploring the beautiful sights provided by the rich marine resources inhabiting the wreck. They will also be mesmerized by the structure of this sunken ship.

The MS Jojo Wreck is an excellent dive site to try because it combines the beauty of the blooming underwater life and the awesome site of a ship’s inner structure. What a perfect combination. This is really something that is worth a try.

The MS Jojo Wreck is exactly located under the waters of the Campomanes Bay. This ship is once a freighter that eventually sunk during the 1980s. Even though a long time has already passed, the ship appears to be still in good condition. According to sources, there are huge numbers of big lion fishes that roam within the MS Jojo Wreck. This fact makes this dive site more exciting and fun to try and explore.

The MS Jojo Wreck is considered an excellent dive site because divers and adventure-seekers can experience the different varieties of marine animals living within the area. It also offers a unique challenge for divers to visit and explore. Among the various wreck dive sites in Sipalay, the MS Jojo Wreck probably has the best condition. It is still quite young compared with the other sunken ships lying under the waters of Sipalay.

The MS Jojo Wreck dive site offers divers something that they can truly cherish for their entire lifetime. Tourists and guests would surely return for another take at this wonderful dive site. With the MS Jojo Wreck dive site, it can be said that diving is indeed a water recreational activity.

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