Punta Ballo Beach

The Philippines has a lot in-stored for adventure-seekers and travelers when it comes to great outdoor fun and excitement. Both local and international tourists come to the country to experience its 7,107 beautiful islands. There are lots of places to go to in the Philippines when it comes to fun and great activities.

Besides the widely commercialized tourists destinations like Baguio, Palawan and Boracay, there are other outstanding places to explore in the Philippines. As tourists try to have a perfect getaway from their busy lives at home and at work, they can try the beautiful city of Sipalay in the province of Negros Occidental. One of the best beaches available in Sipalay is the Punta Ballo Beach.

The Punta Ballo Beach just lies next to the Tinagong Dagat. This white sand beach approximately extends to almost a kilometer long. The very rich marine resources of the area make it more suiting for diving and snorkeling. This is the main reason why some of the best diving resorts in the country can be found in Sipalay. One of the most popular diving resorts in the province is the Artistic Diving and Beach Resort. Another one is the Easy Diving Resort. This white sand beach would definitely give tourists and guests the ultimate fun they are searching for.

When in Sipalay, tourists and visitors can indulge themselves in pure fun and enjoyment by booking themselves and their families in the first-class resorts of the Punta Ballo Beach. Among the most popular beach resorts in Sipalay are the Taka Tuka Beach and Dive Resort, the Driftwood Resort, and the Nataasan Beach Front in Barangay Punta Ballo.

The Taka Tuka Beach and Dive Resort can be found in Barangay Nauhang. This Punta Ballo beach resort offers different kinds of rooms including a bamboo room and a nipa room at the front of the beach. It also offers a family cottage and a negrito hut. Prices range from as low as 550 pesos to as high as 950 pesos.

Meanwhile, the Driftwood Resort is also situated in Barangay Nauhang. This Punta Ballo beach resort offers a wide variety of outdoor fun and activities. Some of the exciting activities offered by the resort include short walks, boat rides, as well as full day tour by car. One of its activities even features a quick walk towards a mangrove forest and a jungle.

And lastly, the Nataasan Beach Front offers various kinds of packages for tourists and guests. Some of the best packages available include a bedroom with a private bathroom and fan, a single bungalow with private bathroom and fan, and a single bungalow with a private bathroom and air conditioning system.

Sipalay is probably one of the up-and-coming travel destinations in the Philippines today. It has created a good reputation by preserving and maintaining its pristine natural environment despite major technological advancements. The government of Sipalay guarantees tourists and visitors a worthwhile and fun-filled stay in the different first-class resorts lining up the Punta Ballo Beach.

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