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Sipalay City is a place located in Negros Occidental in the Philippines. Sipalay dive sites are yet to be explored with only a couple of diving resort known to offer diving lessons and diving activities on the island. These resorts have a diving center with PADI instructors that give diving lessons and act as a guide to aspiring divers.

The different Sipalay dive sites are one among the magnificent diving Islands the Philippines is rich and famous for. Divers who have discovered Sipalay dive sites and able to get to see the rich coral and marine life of Sipalay noted the Island as enchanting. With the rich coral and marine life embedded within the Sipalay dive sites, the wreck diving sites, numerous wall diving opportunity and the abundant reef sanctuary of Sipalay Island makes the Sipalay dive sites a truly enchanting views.

A trip to Sipalay can give visiting divers the chance to tour the smaller Islands near Sipalay and the famous Turtle Island which is famous for its majestic views of diving spots in canyons and caves. Sipalay also provides the opportunity for fantastic night diving within this humble yet enchanting Island.

Wreck divers should visit the Sipalay dive sites where many World War II wreckages made Sipalay its sanctuary. Freighters and cargo ships were found to have sunk in the beds of waters in Sipalay. Some wreck diving sites are located in a shallow bed of waters where the fantastic views of the wreckage can be viewed just by merely snorkeling.

There are numerous Sipalay dive sites that were identified with different views of coral life living on its underwater bed. The Sipalay diving resorts and local government of Sipalay has a roster of all the Sipalay dive sites with brief information detailing the diving depth of each.

Many of the Sipalay dive sites offer an enchanting view of marine and coral life, with big lion fishes and numerous giant turtles living within the Island. Different species of fish are also seen with abundant rich and hard coral life. The Sipalay dive sites are very ideal for snorkeling and diving site for beginners and professional alike.

Drop off walls are also magnificent with the wall fully covered with coral and different species of fishes. Tuna fish are also likely to be found in some of Sipalay’s dive sites. The Island is also rich with labyrinthine diving canyon walls. Majority of the Sipalay’s dive sites are Marine Protected Areas (MPA).


The potential of the enchanting Sipalay dive sites as one of the most popular tourist diving attraction in the Philippines is good but most of its inhabitants prefer to live a simple life and preserve the Island’s serenity and beauty. Since most of the Sipalay dive sites are Marine Protected Area, the natural beauty of Sipalay is preserved with a lingering feeling of enchantment felt by all visiting divers.

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