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Many people express interest in the beauty of nature, particularly in the beaches and other bodies of water. While people, mostly teenagers, who are out for a more daring adventure choose to surf or wakeboard; some prefer snorkeling which is rather relaxing but is entertaining as well.

Snorkeling, or simply swimming near the surface of the waters while wearing a diving mask called a snorkel can be enjoyed as a recreation or utilized for search and rescue operations. Though it appears to require basic swimming skills, divers need a short introduction or training before they can actually snorkel. Such training is essential for safety and better enjoyment of the view underwater,

A lot of resorts in tropical countries and regions offer this activity to their guests and tourists; aside from exhilarating views, great hotels and cuisines as well as other water sports.

If you are planning to travel around the Asia-Pacific, there is a certain place in the Philippines that is proud of their abundant nature preserves, a chance for snorkeling and other activities, rich culture and pleasant people. Sipalay Beach, just a fifteen-minute drive away from the city, is one of Negros’ finest beaches and is among the top locations on the 2006 nationwide search for the newest and undiscovered tourist destinations in the Philippines. This search was conducted the Women in Travel-Manila in cooperation with the country’s Department of Tourism.

Primarily, the town of Sipalay is known as the mining town of Dumaguete because of its abundance in gold and copper mines. But aside from this, Sipalay’s natural beauty consists of natural beaches with sugary sand and clear waters, islets and highlands perfect for hikers and mountain climbers. Sipalay seems to be created for snorkeling since it has long stretches of clear, shallow waters that showcase the splendor of underwater life.

Choose among the different resorts in the town of Sipalay wherein you can find sea grass beds paired with lush vegetation, which makes snorkeling in these sites fulfilling and pleasurable. The islets in Sipalay introduces to its tourists calm waters and coralline bottom along fine while-sand beaches. There are a lot of resorts to choose from, but each one promises a vacation closer to nature.

So if you are beginner or an expert on snorkeling and seek a place that offers tranquil scenery, consider visiting the town of Sipalay. And who knows, you might just come and visit the following year!

3 thoughts on “Snorkeling Sites

  1. seeking a reasonable monthly furnished rental by the sea in Dumaguete or Sipalay. our perfect place is where we can walk out to snorkel daily. lots of restaurants close.

    thanks bunches… we wish to live all year around in the Phillipines.
    Phyllis and Bob

    1. Dustin Wrye says:

      Sipalay is a pretty small town. Not many restaurant in that area. It’s a nice place to visit but I would not look to stay there long term. Dumaguete City might not be the place to stay if you are looking to walk out to a beach and go snorkeling daily. I believe that Bacong or Dauin might be a place that would interest you. Bacong is about a 10 minute drive to Dumaguete for all the restaurants and city life and puts you much closer to beaches and marine sanctuaries. Dauin is a bit further down the road from Bacong but has some excellent diving/snorkeling sites as well.

      I don’t think I have anything on the site for rentals in Bacong. Though, if you would like to find a place to stay you might want to check out our forums. I know we have a member there that operates some reasonably priced apartments in Bacong. I’m sure if you made a post there he would give a reply. We also have a showcase for hotels, apartments and other businesses in Dumaguete located at this link. This is a new feature to the site and I have just started adding to it so there is not much there yet, but give it a week or so and you will start to see a lot more there.

      Hope this helps you out.

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