Capilay Spring Park

A magical island known for its mystic beauty is situated in the Central part of the Philippines. Siquijor, a small island of Central Visayas yet it is bountifully blessed with undiscovered wonders. Ivory coasts surround this majestic isle with crystal blue sea waters that goes with it. Splendid waterfalls, cool springs, and caves are waiting invitingly for tourists to explore its breathtaking scenery.


Tourism in Siquijor

This island is famous to tourists because of the wonders it beholds. One of the main tourist attractions in Siquijor is the Capilay Spring Park located in the town of San Juan. This natural spring pool is situated at the very heart of the town park. San Juan is located at the southwestern portion of Siquijor province.

Capilay Spring Park has a pool with three chambers. The upper pool where the springs are located, the second one is where the swimming pool is, and the third one is the laundry pool, also known as the “river” which is located by the road. This park is accented with big trees which could give cool shades to its visitors. Kiosks are also found by the pool side for convenience.

During hot summer days residents as well as tourists love to take a plunge into its cool refreshing spring waters. One would love to swim to and fro in its fresh spring water to quench out the heat of the summer sun. On late afternoons people love to take a stroll in the park, taking pleasure with the gentle breeze that swept among the trees. The relaxing ambiance of Capilay Spring Park makes it famous not only to Siquijor residents but to tourists as well.

Old folks tell enchanted stories about the park and about the entire island of Siquijor. People from neighboring islands hear about these stories. Many heard about witches folklores and many other kinds of enchanting stories. However, these stories can not stop tourists from visiting this beautiful Philippine island. Its captivating scenery erases old folklores and stories which lacks evidence of truth.


The isle of Siquijor is a budding tourist destination in Central Visayas. It holds promising beauty that could compete with other world famous tourist destinations. With its tranquil mood, coupled with a picture perfect scenario never fails to impress a tourist. The Capilay Spring Park is just one among these attractions. It is a perfect place for relaxation and leisure for adventure seeking travelers. The one of a kind vacation experience the island of Siquijor could offer.

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