Dive Sites

About an hour boat ride from the shores of Dumaguete, four interesting dive sites can be found. These are The Sanctuary, Maite Point, The Sunken Island, and Paliton Wall. All of these dive sites are within the territorial jurisdiction of the Siquijor Island.

The Sanctuary is a dive site that contains a large garden of various corals. Fishing is not allowed in the dive site. Lots of interesting creatures abound in The Sanctuary because the soft and hard corals are still in good condition.

The dive site has a shallow start and will eventually become steep as it goes deeper. Aside from diving, snorkeling is also ideal in The Sanctuary. Swimming here in the very beautiful garden of corals provides a relaxing experience.

The Maite Point is a dive site that has a seven-meter gentle slope and gets steeper to the 20-meter drop-off. Due to the many crevices and cracks of the dive site, interesting small sea creatures are not hard to find. The Maite Point has soft and hard corals intermingling and the sand in the dive site is white as snow.

For macro photographers and hunters for critters in Dumaguete, the Maite Point dive site will become your next favorite spot to dive.

The Sunken Island is a dive site that is actually a submerged seamount where the top is measuring about ten meters. The dive site has a strong water current so there may be times that only experienced divers are allowed to dive in The Sunken Island.

When you have descended to the maximum depth of The Sunken Island, it is best to circle the seamount slowly as you go to the shallow part of the dive site. By doing this, you can be assured that you have seen everything in this dive site. If you are lucky, there is a great chance that you will see some large sea creatures snooping around the dive site.

The Paliton Wall is a dive site that has a seven-meter starting point and some parts will go as deep as 50 meters. The huge sea fans and soft corals at the Paliton Wall are beautiful. The dive site has a very huge overhang of about 35 meters where lionfish and glassfish are making the site alive. The visibility of the dive site is often excellent.

These dive sites may be near the Siquijor Island but local and foreign divers embark from Dumaguete to reach these dive sites. There are also many dive resorts in Dumaguete that offer dive tour packages to these dive sites.

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