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Lucky Drug Center

This drugstore is reminiscent of the old Chinese business practice of using the building’s ground floor as their place of trade and the upper level as their residence. Lucky Drug Center is located at Siquijor town proper.
Owned by a medical doctor, the drug center also has a small private clinic next door which is convenient for patients. Testing services like EKG, blood sugar evaluation and monitoring, and other blood tests specifics are also done in their private laboratory.

Lucky Drug Center is the place to shop for your medical needs and for personal effects in Siquijor. Telephone numbers: 344-2151 or 480-5544 or 0920-923-9312.

Kapanig Island Fresh Milk

A business that started in the year 2006, Kapanig Island Fresh milk is a milk processing and manufacturing industry that produces fresh cow’s milk which also comes in other flavours like mango and vanilla. They have a total of 50 cows supplying the dairy source for them and their main business is also selling out to the nearby resorts in Siquijor province and in the region.

New Solangon Store

The Solangon Store is typical Siquijor Sari Sari store, a Filipino version of a very mini grocery store that sells in little packages, all grocery items, school and office supplies and personal effects and agricultural produce starting from rice and other grains, sugar, canned goods, soft drinks, beer, some medicines, snacks, bread and even livestock. Solangon Store can be found at Solangon in the town of San Juan. It opens early in the morning at 6:30 and closes at 6:30 in the evening.

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