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Dumaguete Shopping

If there is one thing all tourist locations have in common, that is shopping and souvenir hunting. Well, Dumaguete is no different than any other popular tourist destination in the Philippines; there is shopping galore here from local treasures to the standard t-shirts, posters, caps and the like.

Dumaguete has all options a mid-sized town for a convenient lifestyle. Residents find all they need from new and second hand cars and vehicles to several computer-shops and several appliance-centers.

Baro Veterinary Clinic & Pet Supply
Supplier of Dog and Petfood

Orchids Daro Highway
Northroad - Dumaguete City
Landline : (035) 422-0596 (clinic), (035) 419-8745 (home)
Cell: 0920-231 2825, 0930-401 0367 (Doc Fritzie), 0921-6320 636 (Doc Diana)
email: lyndonbaro_23@yahoo.com , dianne_baro06@yahoo.com

ACELOGIC - Computer Solutions
Products & Services: Computer Desktops & Notebooks, Networking Products, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Digital & Video Cameras, Point of Sale Systems, Multimedia Projectors, Fax Machines, Security Systems, Computer Repair & Maintenance.
Corner Dr. V. Locsin St. and Sta. Catalina St.
Dumaguete City
Landline: 2262880, 4226277, 4229478
Email: carlo@acelogic.biz

Car Rental, near the airport. Arrive in Dumaguete and get your rental car right away. Dealer of 4WD, SUV and used quality cars.

Dumaguete North Road,
Airport Area Sibulan,
Negros Oriental
Tel: (035) 2261 420 - (035) 4225 068
Fax:(035) 4228 271
Cell: 0920 - 952 3050, 0917- 700 5772
Email: grsdgte@yahoo.com

Golden Rule Store (GRS)
General consteruction and hardware supplies in the heart of Dumaguete City.

Ma. Cristina Street
Negros Oriental
Tel: (035) 225 4392 - (035) 422 8271
Fax:(035) 4228 271
Cell: 0920 - 952 3050, 0917- 700 5772
Email: grsdgte@yahoo.com


The great thing about shopping in Dumaguete is that you can boost your collections all in one little area. For example you can get a nice Dumaguete City t-shirt then also collect an Apo Island one as well as a Bias dolphin and whale watching t-shirt not to mention the mysterious island of Siquijor.

One can’t come to Dumaguete and get so close to this infamous island without experiencing the fascinating culture of this great tourist destination. Siquijor has a rich and diverse culture that is un-matched in the Philippines. Not to mention the great beach resorts as well as other sights and sounds which makes this place unique amongst the islands.

Then there is the shopping in the famous Malapatay market. There are deals to be made there where you can find some great local arts and crafts as well as all your other souvenir items at rock bottom bargain prices.

Malapatay is about 20 to 30 min from Dumaguete and a quick ride away. Along the way you can stop in Dauin and experience yet another great place for some unique items only available in this small beach town.

Shopping in Dumaguete is a great experience for anyone looking to find those great gifts to bring back home to friends and family. The local term is ‘pasalubong’ and no vacation is complete unless you can bring back a small flavor of where you have visited to share with people once you return home.

Things are only looking to get better as well. Soon Dumaguete Robinsons will open which will take shopping here in Negros Oriental to the next level. Look for a unique mall experience as the local traditions and people leave their mark on everything and make shopping in Dumaguete along with all other activities in this part of the Philippines fun, exciting and very memorable.

Don’t forget to check out along with the shopping sites listed on this page but also check out the Dumaguete Info forum where the most current and up to date information always is. You can’t go wrong with the experience and friendly atmosphere which the Dumaguete Info forum shares with all its visitors.