Siquijor Dive Sites - Dumaguete City - Negros Oriental - Philippines

Dive Sites in Siquijor

Siquijor is a tiny island in the Visayas. It boasts of a wide range of dive sites. Diving in Siquijor can be easy except in Southern diving spots where the current is strong. Here we will look at dive sites the island of Siquijor can offer.

Tubod Sanctuary. This dive site is a protected area accessible from any beach in Siquijor. A two-minute outrigger drive from the town of San Juan will take tourists to the site. Tubod Sanctuary is an excellent venue for scuba diving and snorkeling with its excellent drop off point. The highest portion provides a dazzling sight of the best coral reefs in Siquijor. With a depth ranging from five to twenty meters, divers can feast their eyes on a wide array of marine life ranging from parrot fishes, sea turtles, among others. Likewise, they can treat themselves to a spectacular view of 15 giant clams.

Tagot Shoal, Sunken Island. A five-minute speed boat drive will take you to this dive site. Beginning at a depth of 1 meter, Tagot Shoal, Sunken Island has a maximum depth of 40 meters. The shoal takes pride in its marine life which includes several species of tuna, eagle rays, turtles, sea snakes, big mouth mackerels, fusiliers, anthias and damsels, to name just a few.

Paliton Wall. Blue ribbon eels, fire gobies, and clown anglers are immediately noticeable at the edge of this dive site. Descending to a range of 36 meters, its cathedral caves are one of the best attractions in this site. Divers can be dazzled by the sight of big eyed soldier fishes and large groupers at a depth of 28 meters. At the walls of the caves, there are multi-colored nudibranches, flatworms, and eels. The most common sights are scorpion fishes, fusiliers, big mouth mackerels, and golden sergeants.

Maite Point. This dive site is the perfect venue for people who love taking pictures underwater. At 20 meters, it is the home of small fish species such as mandarins, nudibranches, pipe Pegasus, Spanish dancer, and barracudas, which are quite prominent in the site. Diving at night can still provide an excellent view of marine creatures such as large sea plugs, cuttle fishes, and octopus. The most ideal time to dive in this area is at sunset or in the early hours of the evening.

Sawang. The deepest portion of this dive site is 18 meters making it the perfect fit for beginning divers. It has a small tunnel which abounds in various species of marine life such as clown, scorpion, and jaw fishes. One can likewise find coral formations and rare coral blocks.

The dive sites mentioned above adds up to the beauty and splendor of the island of Siquijor.