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Siquijor Diving


Tubod Sanctuary

Tubod Sanctuary is a protected zone and can be accessed from any shoreline in the island. From the coast of Barangay San Juan, this sanctuary is a two minute ride by outrigger. A splendid area for snorkeling and scuba diving, Tubod Sanctuary begins with a sloping coral drop off, which is a spectacular display of what is said top be the entire island's best coral reef documented to have at least 173 types of corals. siquijor divingDepths of entry range from five to twenty meters. In the deep end you can meet colorful parrot fishes, razor, clown, blue spine uncorn fishes and if you're lucky, even a sea turtle. You can also find 15 giant clams and schools of groupers.

Tagot Shoal, Sunken Island

Five minutes by speed boat is all it takes to reach this plateau-like underwater land formation. It begins at a 1 meter depth and slowly descends up to 40 meters. Although not charted, this shoal is distinctly home to a large number of interesting marine species such as tunas, big mouth mackerels, fusiliers, anthias and damsels, eagle rays, sea snakes, turtles and the occasional barracuda.

Paliton Wall

At the edge of the reef, one can immediately find a cluster of blue ribbon eels, clown anglers and fire gobies. Moving downward to a depth of 36 meters, Paliton Wall's two large cathedral caves are a sight to behold. At 28 meters, you can find big eyed soldier fishes and large groupers. Adorning the walls are nudibranches in many colors, flatworms, eels. Fishes such as scorpions, golden sergeants, fusiliers and big mouth mackerels are some of the most common finds.

Maite Point

Maite Point is every underwater photography enthusiast's dream. It is quite a shallow depth with only 20 meters. Smaller species like mandarin, nudibranches, pipe, pegasus, barracuda and spanish dancer abound in the area. Even during night dives, the view remains fantastic and creatures like the octupus, large sea slugs and cuttle fish become friendlier and more daring to come out in the open. It is recommended to dive at Maite point during the sunset or early evening.


The maximum depth at Sawang Dive Site is only 18 meters, making it an ideal spot for beginners. One can go through a small tunnel and encounter many different kinds of marine life, most of them belonging to the smaller families like clown, jaw and scorpion fishes. There are coral formations and unusual coral blocks.

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