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Usually when one thinks of Dumaguete it is natural to think about the town’s universities as this town has become famous for them. In fact the city although nicknamed “The City of Gentle People” its second unofficial moniker is "the center of learning in the south" so it can truly be thought of as a college town. And when one thinks of Dumaguete universities one always thinks of Silliman University…

But hold on a second. There is also another famous university in this college town that is sometimes overshadowed by Silliman but shouldn’t be as there is a grand tradition of fine higher education and that institution is St. Paul University.

Back in 1904, on invitation from Reverend Frederick Booker of the Diocese of Iloilo, seven Sisters of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC) traveled to Dumaguete with the intent of taking over a boarding school which at the time housed 26 girls.

These seven Sisters came all the way from Vietnam where they had shown great aptitude for this endeavor and this boarding school now in Dumaguete became the first foundation of the SPC in the Philippines.

The seven Sisters wanted to expand the education plan of the boarding house and on October 29th of 1904 an elementary school which accepted both boys and girls was established.

In January of 1905 a new school was opened which had 30 girls and six boys. America had been in the Philippines for five years by then and English was the primary medium for instruction. However this was a problem as the locals were not very familiar with English so the Sisters had to learn Visayan and Spanish to be able to teach their students.

These obstacles aside, the curriculum quickly was adopted and expanded and the elementary school grew into a larger school and then a larger school and soon further education was needed. The first St. Paul high school was opened in 1920 with their first graduating class in 1925.

St. Pauls university

Soon it was realized that further education was not only needed but demanded as more and more students flocked to the curriculum desiring higher education. The St. Paul University was established and today it is recognized as one of the leading universities in the Philippines.

The fields of study have expanded and now everything from computer science to nursing to business administration to hotel and restaurant management as well as many more. St. Paul University has grown with the Philippines and is now a top school for a balanced education.

So the next time you think of Dumaguete Universities don’t just stop your train of thought at Silliman, remember Dumaguete’s other grand learning institution; St. Paul University.

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