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While there are, of course, many things to do in and around Dumaguete as well as the close islands of Siquijor and Apo, it is when one gets out in the water which really highlights the beauty of this part of the world.

Negros Oriental has some waters off its coasts which are world renowned as premiere areas for snorkeling and SCUBA diving. These waters offer all divers and snorkelers beautiful sights beyond compare.

Dumaguete is a hidden paradise under the water while tourists flock to perhaps better known places around the Philippines, this means that the waters are not crowded. If this secret ever truly got out and the natural wonders were better known, Dumaguete would be flooded with tourists as this is some of the best diving in all of the Philippines.

As these waters are so fantastic, many professional divers have made Dumaguete their home and offer a myriad of dive shops to cater to SCUBA divers of all levels. There is no shortage of top equipment and classes available taught by world class PADI certified instructors.

Dumaguete dive shops offer their customers first class instruction along with top of the line equipment from fins to masks to BCDs to wet suits of all shapes and sizes. The Dumaguete dive shops have everything a diver would ever need.

Other options Dumaguete dive shops offer are tours and the ability to arrange tours to parts all over Negros Oriental. A SCUBA adventure is waiting for you here which will always be remembered as a highlight in your diving experiences.

Apo Island should not be missed as the diving there is world famous for the marine sanctuary there is home to some of the best diving in all of the Philippines. All Dumaguete dive shops can arrange for your equipment, boats, tour guides, the works.

All tourists as well as locals can rest assured getting professional quality service in the Dumaguete dive shops listed on these pages. Also, don’t forget to visit our forum here on Dumaguete Info where you can inquire to our wide body of members. Some of these are SCUBA instructors themselves so all your questions will be answered.

Many Dumaguete hotels and resorts also have dive shops located right on their premises, and there are also many independent dive shops as well. When it comes to Dumaguete dive shops there are plenty of options. Finding one which fits you to a tee will be an easy task.

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