Negros Oriental State University

The Negros Oriental State University has its humble beginnings just like any other universities and schools present in Dumaguete. 1907 is the year that the forerunner school of the Negros Oriental State University was established. The school was then known as the Negros Oriental Provincial School, which specializes in trade classes. The first class of the school is a woodworking class.


From being a provincial school, it became the Negros Oriental High School. Then in 1927, the school became the Negros Oriental Trade School and more subjects for arts and other useful trades were added to the school curriculum.

In 1956, the school was changed into East Visayan School of Arts and Trade. The school continued to prosper and grow and soon after it was converted into a polytechnic college in 1983. Central Visayas Polytechnic College came to be it’s new name, which is then the only polytechnic college in the entire Central Visayas region.

Eventually, the polytechnic college became a university in June 25, 2004 and is now called as the Negros Oriental State University. The Negros Oriental State University offers various degree and graduate level programs such as arts and sciences, agriculture and forestry, education, engineering and architecture, and political science. Short-term courses are also offered at Negros Oriental State University like domestic household arts.

The Negros Oriental State University is a pioneer provider of Internet services in the Province of Negros Oriental including Dumaguete. The Negros Oriental State University serves as the gateway for the One Government Network project of the province. Of all the tertiary schools in Dumaguete, the Negros Oriental State University has the highest population of attending students.

The vision of the Negros Oriental State University is to provide opportunities for high quality of education to any Filipino who aims to become knowledgeable and accepts responsibility for the development of the Filipino society towards the new century.

The mission of the Negros Oriental State University is to help the Filipinos pursue a better quality of life. The educational system of the Negros Oriental State University aims to help the Filipinos become productive citizens, better professionals, and effective people in an environment that is high in technology and self-sustaining.


The Negros Oriental State University is primarily geared up to provide any individual the technical and professional training needed and mechanical skills necessary to be able to contribute to the advancement of the society in Dumaguete and the entire Philippines as well.

As a state university in Dumaguete, the graduates of the Negros Oriental State University are fully equipped with knowledge and character development that will be needed to become high level professionals and lift up the present quality of their life.

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