St. Paul University

St. Paul University Dumaguete was founded on October 29, 1904 in the City of Dumaguete. The forerunner of St. Paul University Dumaguete is the St. Paul’s Academy, which is a school of elementary students situated near the Cathedral.

The founders of St. Paul University Dumaguete are seven sisters from the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres Congregation. These seven sisters came to Dumaguete from Vietnam in response to the Most Reverend Frederick Booker’s invitation. These seven sisters take over the management and direction of a girls’ boarding school in Dumaguete which became the first foundation of St. Paul University Dumaguete.


Women, children, and young men come to St. Paul University Dumaguete in those days to be instructed regarding religion. The students in those days are taught with the regular academic programs and they also have supplementary courses that are available to anyone. These are painting, music, French, drawing, embroidery, and sewing.

The language used in teaching the students of St. Paul University Dumaguete in those days is English language. Since those are the days that the American regime has just started in the Philippines so the students of St. Paul University Dumaguete are not that familiar with the language, that is why the seven sisters are obliged to learn the local Visayan dialect and the Spanish language that understanding and comprehension will be attained.

Since then and up to now, St. Paul University Dumaguete aims to develop an individual that is rooted firmly in the faith and have moral values in the midst of an environment where life as a Christian will be strengthened and nourished well.

As a Catholic institution for education, the philosophy of St. Paul University Dumaguete is inspired through the love of Christ coupled with the apostolic zeal that St. Paul has for all. St. Paul University Dumaguete also has great concern for those people who are poor.

St. Paul University Dumaguete offers academic programs for grade school, high school, undergraduate level, and graduate level. The academic programs of St. Paul University Dumaguete integrate the basic skills, self-discipline, and performance of each student in daily living.

St. Paul University Dumaguete help each student to develop good character traits like personal responsibility, perseverance, unselfishness, accountability, honesty, and courtesy in dealing with other people. St. Paul University Dumaguete also continuously makes plans and projects for the purpose of supporting the enhancement of every student’s knowledge and education.


St. Paul University Dumaguete is committed to help in the total formation of a person. St. Paul University Dumaguete is also service-oriented, dynamic, Christ-centered, and has an authentic community of teaching-learning environment.

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