Apo Island Beach Resort

This is another view in to Apo Island Beach Resort. the area right in front of the resort looks like a really good snorkeling area, I only swam around the big rock formations and walked back on the beach here. so I havent explored the whole beach in front of the resort.

Apo Island Beach Resort itself looks very nice and quiet, I am sure this is the perfect place to rest and relax after a hard weeks work in the city. no cars no trikes no pollution... they do not even have electricity all day as the whole island is running on a big generator which is switched off at night I think around 2am.

Apo Island Beach Resort

Blue water, green forest and grey cliffs - it makes a really good view from the banca when you approach Apo Island. And the water around this area is so clear that even this far out you can make out the bottom of the sea. Simply amazing.

Apo Island Pictures