Apo Island Snorkeling

This is a picture taken from the village side of Apo Island, one of the rocks the Philippine Navy tried to shoot down is sticking out a lot more here, you can see how it looks like that rock want to fall in to the clear water of Apo Island any time. Rest assured it will stay up there for generations still, when a rock like that wont budge when shot at with 30 and 50 caliber guns, then a little wind definately wont make it budge.

You can also see the rocks on the seafloor in this picture, this picture is taken opn a nice and clear day with very calm and clear water, well the water on Apo Island is almost always this clear, but the waves on this day are very small.

Apo Island from the Village

I would not want to climb up this cliffside to check for bulletmarks on the rocks up there, but I do wonder what side they were shooting from, and why they would shoot at it in stead of using explosvies if they really wanted to get the rock out of the way. I like it up there though - it looks great.

The snorkelers in this picture are over by the wall checking out the corals there, the corals are a little better on the other side of the small stone right next to the snorkelers though.

I saw a juvenile or adolescnet sweetlip harlequin the other day on the other side of the rock formations, this is a very rare sight so I am very happy I went snorkeling on Apo Island that day.

Apo Island Pictures