Relaxing on Apo Island

Apo Island is not just swimming, diving and snorkeling - I enjoy just relaxing on Apo and enjoying the view from the hammock while having a cold drink. I would love to find a good hammock like this for our own garden, the ones we have are a lot smaller and not as comfortable, but still :) there is something about laying in the shadow in a hammock strung up on two palm trees.

relaxing on Apo Island

You will definately need the hammock if you decide to try to conquer the small mountain on the island to see the lighthouse and the beautiful view of Negros Oriental, siquijor and of Mindanao on the other side of the island when the weather is really clear.

The atpmosphere on Apo Island invites visitors and tourists to gear down and take it easy, it is a great place to relax after a long work week in the office. It is easy to fly in to Dumaguete airport and drive straight down to Zamboanguita where you can catch a boat to Apo Island for a weekend under and above the water in the sun.

Apo Island Pictures