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Sold: 2015 Rusi 100cc Motorcycle

  • No work to be done. All maintenance has been kept up. Just drive it away. Registration paid up to October. At that point it will be 2 years old so still nearly new.

    This is good, reliable, cheap transportation. Semi-auto like the Honda Wave. Good brakes, not bad power for the size of the engine. Only reason to sell it is I am moving up to a used car and don't need it any more.

    Asking 25,000 pesos, slightly negotiable but no insulting offers please. (I am willing to include the cats you can see in the pic if you promise to feed them well :clown: )

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  1. Dave_Hounddriver
    We have a deal! Mark this one sold! Thank you Dumagueteinfo Forum!
  2. grandpainak
    U still have it?
    I'm interested and have cash.
    1. Dave_Hounddriver
      Yes. You can text me at 09290554148 or send me a private message through this forum.
      Dave_Hounddriver, Jul 7, 2017
  3. 1lostaussie
    I borrowed the bike off Dave and it was perfect for me and my girlfriend to run around town on ... everything worked perfectly and was easy to operate. Thanks again Dave
  4. Dave_Hounddriver
    This is quality, low cost transportation folks! Go take a look at RUSI and see what you have to pay for a brand new one and then offer me 1/3 less than that to account for depreciation and you will see I am not far off with my price. Need a motorcycle for the maid? For the gf? For her relative? This is the one you want! I'm offering it here first as I am sure I can find an interested local but they will want me to finance it for them. Cash would be preferable.
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